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    The Document & Eyewitness box set? What's that?
    Mute gluing together D&E and a couple of 1980s singles (Kidney Bingos and In Vivo). Bonkers at the time (’89), but presumably designed to shift the live album. Someone's ambitiously selling one on eBay for a hundred bucks:
    Huh. I remember coming across the box version at a used store and my only reaction was annoyance that it was cheaper than what I had paid for a new cd copy of D & E.
    Regarding "In Vivo", there's only these four studio versions. Correct?

    1. Original untitled mix. Length: 4:35. Rico Conning mix. Only available on IBTABA CD. Listen to a sample here:

    2. 7" version. Length: 3:24. Mix by Newman/Martin/Miller. Available on both UK 7"s (yes, it's the same version on the limited LMUTE98 "Stillbird" one too), and the CD single, and the US 12" (as "Dance Remix Edit"), and "The A List".

    3. 12" version (vocal). Length 7:12 (according to the US 12"). Mix by Paul Kendall. Available on the US 12" (as "Dance Remix") and the UK 12"/CD (although slightly edited at 6:34).

    4. Club mix (similar to 12" version but largely instrumental). Length 6:27. Mix by Paul Kendall. Available on the US 12" (as "Dance Remix Instrumental"), UK promo 12" (as "Club mix"), and "Coatings".
    indiearchivist is spot on with the number of In Vivo's. Tallies with my discography:
    In Vivo (7" mix)/Illuminated (7" mix)
    (Mute—MUTE 98—July 1989)
    In Vivo (12" mix)/Illuminated (12" mix), Finest Drops (live)
    (Mute—12MUTE 98—July 1989) 12"
    In Vivo (7" mix), In Vivo (12" mix), Illuminated (12" mix), Finest Drops (live)
    (Mute—CDMUTE 98—July 1989) 3" CD
    In Vivo (dance remix), In Vivo (dance remix instrumental), In Vivo (dance remix edit)/Illuminated (remix), Finest Drops (live)
    (Enigma—75044-0—July 1989) 12" (US only)
    In Vivo (dance remix edit), In Vivo (dance remix)
    (Enigma—75044-4—July 1989) cassette single (US only)

    The Club mix is not listed as it was not an official release but is different from the dance mix, hence its inclusion on Coatings
    Is the Illuminated (remix) on the Enigma 12" a different mix to the 7" and 12" mixes?
    It's the 12'' version
    Is there any difference between the 7" and 12" mix of "Illuminated" at all? I prefer the IBTABA version (one of my favourite Wire tracks, actually) though. I assume that's the "original" version? On the single, they seem to have taken out all the interesting bits. Why?
    7'' is just shorter, edited. The why is probably lost in the mists of time
    A number of amendments and additions have been made to the Discography since my previous comment.
    Interested parties please email me at wmouk(at)
    funny selection of songs. it's supposed to be by Mute Records (in the year 2000 ?), but only 2 tracks actually from the Mute era.
    and Crazy About Love certainly a funny choice for a promo CD :-)
    Yes, hardly the radio selection.... That version of Ambitious is nearly 20 minutes long - that's even longer than "Crazy About Love"!

    Perhaps Kevin can enlighten us why/what this item is.

    This seems to be the only place to find PF1 on CD, right?
    This looks very bootleg to me containing tracks from BBC, Coatings, EMI,Mute and pinkflag.
    Looks very suspicious
    Re PF1 - PF1 was originally the CD "The Third Day" - 1000 copies pressed

    The download is still available from this 'ere site.

    The thing is - which version of "Pink Flag" does this CD hold - r1 or r2?

    I'm inclined to agree that this CD on ebay appears unofficial - but if so - why are they bothering?
    Tried googling it - apart from the auction it doesn't appear anywhere.

    Kevin - am I naive to ask - that if they were including tracks on a promo taken from WMO - wouldn't you have been consulted?

    Would be interesting to see if Messrs Swimhq and Lewis - or an employee of Mute - would know of it - I presume not.....
    Judging from these photos,it does look like a genuine Mute UK promo cd-r to me.

    Yeah, I thought Kevin would know, if they used WMO tracks. Seems not.

    I wonder if it could be a promotional tool for promoters/booking agencies to get gigs?

    That description would fit with the time frame and, at least in part, the track listing.

    Possibly compiled by band/management with a little help from Mute?
    It doesn't make a lot of sense. The band were running their own affairs by then - and why would Wire need a selection of songs to get gigs? Surely their name alone would guarantee that. Added to the fact that "Crazy About Love" and "Ambitious (Middlesex Gorge)" would have a lot of venues on the standard circuit worried to say the least.
    Re being consulted. All the rights for WMO releases immediately reverted back to the copyright owners once the label folded. The tracks on Coatings belong to Mute and BBC.
    I still retain that its a bootleg
    So - if the CD-r was bonafide it should have listed the ownership of the Coatings tracks as Mute (with the exception of Drill - BBC) - if it was Mute that was putting it out and they were now the owners surely that would make sense. I agree with Kevin re its authenticity. Also - who owned Pink Flag (the album) at this time? Obviously by 2006 pinkflag (the label) had the rights to it - but not sure how things were by 2000? Wouldn't have thought it was still under EMI's jurisdiction by this time - was it?