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    This seems to have flown under the radar but Wire (well Mr Lewis and Mr Newman) are on this weeks edition of the Guardian Music Weekly podcast

    I haven't heard it yet so I've no idea of where it falls in the programme etc.
    A fairly short but interesting feature, and the bloke interviewing clearly knows his Wire history. Some interesting discussion about the tension around not playing old songs, and funnily enough includes a bit more discussion afterwards including Rob Fitzpatrick of the Guardian, formerly a member of Swim artists Ronnie & Clyde recalling his time working with Colin Newman which adds an interesting angle.
    I assume our friends abroad can access this Podcast? Happy to upload the Wire segment if not.

    P.S. As an amateur Podcast producer and editor I would never let anything go out with such sloppy editing though. Tut tut Guardian Media Group!.
    Thanks, Slim.

    It's a straightforward download from Slim's link. 18'30" to avoid the gabbling rabble.
    Cheers for sharing Slim.

    No probs accessing from Atlanta RSwimmer.

    Reminds me to go listen to that R&C album again.