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    Bruce's The Shivering Man gets the reissue treatment via Mego:

    The CD includes the Michael Clark DVD.
    is it streamed anywhere?
    Stating the obvious to this audience, but This Way and The Shivering Man are smashing albums.
    this way only got reissued last year didn't it? still , the bonus track of the video makes this a tempting purchase i guess.

    i think the video clip is up on youtube , somebody put a link on here before once?
    The video is here. Seems to be a slightly longer version on the Mego CD.

    This Way reissue was in 2009, complete with U, Mu, U, which rather frustratingly was missing from the Mute CD.
    Ever since I get the This Way reissue, I've been waiting for this just because having 3/4 of an album is not fun. From what I've heard, The Shivering Man is fantastic.
    The Shivering Man is very good but This Way has always been the stronger of the two albums for me. I had forgotten that there was missing material from the Mute CD of The Shivering Man - Eline Cout II and the excellent Net In The Feather, with its wonderful piercing panning bagpipe loop.
    For me the standout track on either of these earliest B.C.Gilbert albums is "Epitaph For Henran Brenlar" which is also the nearest either of them gets to pop and even then it's a bit of a stretch. The Lewis vocals make it more like an obtuse He Said track, anyway, brilliant track. Easy top ten Gilbert/Lewis track.

    As pieces of music I find the "Shivering Man" album the more listenable but I guess that's because listening to "This Way" is out of it's context without the dance element.
    Is this going to be a series? Will they be working through Music For Fruit, Insiding, etc?
    Music For Fruit and Insiding would fit on one CD. A nice little package that. What I'd love to see released is Bruce's music for the Iain Sinclair/Chris Petit film London Orbital. Only a small portion of what he composed was actually used in the film. Love to hear the rest of what he made, especially as the material that was used was so strong. Bruce's 7" for Touch is due out this year according to their website. Mind you, they have been waiting for that for a few years now, so I wouldn't hold my breath. But then again... you never know, he could surprise us. The Mika Vainio collaboration in May sounds potentially interesting. Maybe a release might come out of that pairing in the long run...
    The 2xLP is now released and avialable via eMego site.

    The CD with bonus DVD of title track is released 9th May.
    HMV are also taking pre-orders with the bonus of free delivery!;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=67471
    Both CD and Double LP are things of beauty and wonder
    I've noticed there's another version of Bruce's THIS WAY WITH THE SHIVERING MAN out on vinyl. A single disc version, which is not on Mego Editions, and minus the track U Mu U. A bootleg edition of the old Mute cd perhaps??
    It is the Mego 2LP release sold through US outlet Forcex. They've not typed up the track list correctly
    Interview (May 2011) in FACT in which Bruce talks about his solo work and forthcoming activities: