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    Does anyone know if any of the RBT shows were filmed/recorded for a possible 'Scottish play' type dvd release?
    Having seen them in Belfast, the band were really on fire on this tour and a dvd memento of the tour would be great for fans, not to mention a useful fundraiser for Wire.
    That would be expensive to do.
    I predict a live album. Something makes me think this is the last big tour. I also have a feeling that RBT may be the last studio album. I just feel it in me bones.
    ' Does anyone know if any of the RBT shows were filmed/recorded '

    Wire - 4AD, Diksmuide, Belgium. 04/11/10
    I don't think is the last Wire record at all, I think if anything this is them finding their feet without Bruce, they've proved they can make a credible and relevant record (compare the critical reception RBT got to REM's latest effort for example, even Radiohead!) and they can still pull a crowd without resorting to the 'classic album' gig or playing the greatest hits. Having met Colin and Graham a couple of times these men don't strike me as being short of ideas and energy. There is more to come, and I suspect more Githead and more solo stuff from too. Why stop now?