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    In case anyone didn't spot them in the 2011 tour thread here are the links to Wire's appearance on NBC's Jimmy Fallon show.
    Apparently the first US tv appearance since the infamous 'Drill' in 87 (Fallon introduces himself to Graham as Suzanne Somers at the end of the clip)

    Here's the performance of RBT that went out:

    and thanks to KLeigh88 here is the web-only bonus track, Map Ref!

    When were Wire last on TV in the UK anyone know?
    I was wondering that, especially from a non-music-video standpoint. I recall an interview on Snub TV during the Mute era. Not sure if there's been anything more recent than that.
    I have an ancient compilation video of Snub TV gathering dust in my attic. As I recall, in amongst items on The Fall, Happy Mondays and Fatima Mansions is a brief interview with Colin and Bruce and the video for Eardrum Buzz.

    The sound quality on the NBC show is exceptional. I suggest listening to Red Barked Trees through headphones to get the full impact. The performances are brilliant too. I didn't find the head-nodding crowd BEHIND the band too distracting either....

    Surely an appearance on Later with Jools beckons now!
    Wire have never appeared playing live on UK national tv. They did appear on Tony Wilson's What's On for Granada tv in 1978. No video survives
    I have a rather poor copy on VHS somewhere
    Wow Uri! When I was writing ELAH I made enquiries at Granada tv and they did not have a copy. So yours is well worth digging out and getting burnt to dvd!
    It's in the loft at home. I'm currently recovering from a motorbike accident and not at home. I couldn't even climb the ladder at present. Will sort it out on return.
    get well soon, Uri (not cos of this, obviously!)
    I'll second Keiths sentiment, as I'm sure we all do.
    Weird use of Wire in TV soundtrack; spinning through the channels last night and landed on a programme on BBC4 called Maid In Britain - a social history of, erm...maids. In Britain. And a section was underscored with the single version of Outdoor Miner (instrumental extracts, including the unpleasant piano solo).

    Perhaps weirder still (but not Wire related) was the top-of-the-screen freeview menu description for Newsnight last night which read "Assessing the impact of a demand for a significant increase in the annual EU budget. Contains some sexual content"

    Sadly I had other matters to attend to so cannot report on what this actually constituted.
    I think this is really good. "Bad Worn Thing" in HD.
    I've noticed the current live version of BWT is very different to the album. Colin mentioned in interviews that he'd 'taken liberties' with some of EGL's tunes so I wonder if this is closer to Graham's original vision for the song or whether it's just a different arrangement worked up for the gigs?
    Sounds to me like a live arrangement rather than "Graham's version". My understanding on the Graham/Colin thing is Graham tends to layer stuff up and Colin tends to strip it back (for Wire)—and this is pretty stripped back.

    One thing about that video is that it shows how songs should be stuck with if they're good. The early live versions of BWT sounded pretty awful (and it's my favourite track on the album), but this version is great. Here's hoping it sticks around in the set.
    I was at the Edinburgh gig and Colin sang "The search is on on southern seas, To find the Red Barked Healing Trees". Now being a bit of a Wire nerd I wondered if this flipping of the lyric from "Healing Red Barked Trees" on the recording was a mistake or is this part of the ongoing experimentation with songs that they are famous for?
    "Clay" and "Moreover" are also available on the YouTube channel that misterego linked to above.
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    Thanx Mrego, d/l'd w/youtube downloader........
    Rather nice properly recorded video/audio of Two People in a Room
    Thanks to uri: I hadn't realised that Wire appeared on CBC's show Q in Toronto. I managed to be in England when Wire were in Canada.

    Q is also a radio show, and the audio of Wire's appearance is here:
    Scroll down to April 1, 2011.

    Introduction at 3:30.
    "Adapt" at 5:10.
    Interview at 8:45 - 12:20: no revelations.
    More intro (as in the video) at 48:00.
    "Two people in a room" at 48:50.
    More intro at 1:21:55
    "Red barked (healing) trees" at 1:22:20.
    Interview with Colin and Graham at 1:28:20 - 1:33:30: excellent but curtailed chemistry analogy!