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    wonders what Eno would 'do' for wire, Mike certainly produced fine stuff, but would he 'fit' todays Wire? (or would the brilliance of Eno come to that)
    Eno might have been right for Wire twenty years ago but seems he's strictly MOR/AOR these days having recently produced Coldplay, Dido and Natalie Imbruglia
    In fairness they probably pay quite well! ; )

    Mind you, you'd deserve it if you had to listen to Dido open her mouth every day. Her voice is so flat someone should give her a bicycle pump.
    Or Coldplay. The problem is less that they're bad than... Slightly inadequate. They're not even incompetent enough to be truly distasteful, yet not talented or charming enough to be enjoyable. And, to top it off, they're blatantly derivative of Radiohead, which is just *such* an offensively obvious band to rip off (being one of the few wildly successful bands still around that actually holds critical respect, and therefore imitated incessantly). And their success at even this is, once again, pitched precisely between "glorious sham" and "miserable failure".

    To boot, Eno's production is - according to a number of people I trust musically that actually bothered to listen - the one above-average thing about their most recent album, albeit too subtle to actually make it worth listening to.
    Backing up to the CN gig, the Fish track appears to be what became Fish Nine, if anyone cares which fish it was. Er, as you were...
    Coldplay YUK!!