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    I am wondering if the Illuminated (Remix) version that was on the US 12" vinyl In Vivo single is available anywhere digitally?
    CDMUTE98......Compact Disc, Digital Audio. If that's what you meant?
    My CD single version was included in the Document and Eyewitness box (Wire 80 CDX) along with with a Kidney Bingos CD single. I think Mute did both UK and German CD singles that were identical track wise. $10 to $30 on Amazon US, used and new.
    "CDMUTE98......Compact Disc, Digital Audio. If that's what you meant?"

    Nope, I have that one, but it doesn't have the (Remix) version.

    The (remix) version, as I remember, is different from all of the other Illuminated versions I've heard, and according to the Discography, is only shown on the US 12".

    I still have it, but haven't had a functioning turntable for 20 years.

    Now I have an excuse to buy one! :0)
    I just pulled out CD Mute 98, the UK 3" CD. I had the US 12" and sold it once I found the CD (wishing now I hadn't - my iMac will only rip the first three cuts when you use the 3" adapter). I wasn't a fan of In Vivo at the time and only wanted Illuminated. Both the UK CD and US 12" versions were the same - simply renamed (Remix) as opposed to (12" Version) in the UK. Unless another US 12" existed, at least my copies were the same. But don't let this ruin the excuse of getting a new turntable!
    Coincedentally I just played the UK 3" In Vivo/Illuminated/Finest Drops before reading this. Always had a soft spot for Paul Kendall's club mix of In Vivo on Coatings too...