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    In compiling my Wire discography I have unearthed at least 4 different covers for Ideal Copy. All are the same front image but with different colours:
    Pale Blue, Dark Blue, Green and Brown.

    Anyone have or know of any other variations to the above?

    There is also a US CD version in blue which includes information under the image of the extra tracks on the CD.
    I've also always seen only those four colours. I have a japanese version with all the lyrics in japanese and another long text in japanese that i have no clue what it is. The cover is the normal brown one though.
    I have a cassette version w red text and dark blue cover graphic which unfolds to reveal 8 small pages of lyrics( white) overlaying dark gray text on a black background. song titles from side 1 are printed red on white. side 2 blue on white.
    I am currently re-reading Wilson's Neate's Read and Burn book at the Ideal Copy phase of Wire's career. I'd forgotten how those sessions in Berlin had the band at loggerheads, more or less, and at the Point Of Collapse.