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    didn't follow them that closely, but I had it right in my first post. Tommy was the drummer, Dee Dee (bassist) wrote the book.

    Dee Dee, I believe, played on their last tour ? in 2001.

    Richie, the story goes, left the band because, not being a founding member, he wasn't getting a cut of the T-shirt royalties !!
    yeah, i've read Velvets to Voidoids - it piqued my interest, so i'm persuing the subject.

    Crass were far from fascists. cos they wore black and attracted loads of oiks, the nf, bnp came along, but were rather piqued when Crass told 'em to fuck off & started fighting 'em. Then the left wing tried to adopt them on the back of that & Crass told THEM to fuck off & fought them as well!!!!

    talk about stuck in the middle!!!!