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    I think the Jeanetta Cochrane recordings are best kept as an Official Bootleg download since they're really only of academic interest for completists with the lo-fi sound quality available. The sleeve notes for D&E can point the way, shouldn't be too hard for fans to track down especially if the Bootleg series is destined for iTunes at some point.

    Presumably the re-issued D&E will include the whole show from the Ballroom, and I wonder then whether it will also include the whole of the Notre Dam Hall gig, and then there is the Roxy Music support slot that provided the take of 'Heartbeat' with that restless chanting crowd... perhaps that show in full too?

    I hope they still include the D&E album as originally edited, with the little snippets of dialogue etc and the distorted sound. It's quite a wild listening experience that stands up in its own right.

    Not sure what they'd do with Our Swimmer, Midnight..., 2nd Length and Catapult 30. The re-mastered Harvest era CDs means there is now no official digital version of the material that formed the extra tracks on the original CDs so perhaps these can join the likes of Former Airline, Options R etc. on a future Wire B-Sides/Odds and Sods compilation?

    From Turns & Strokes, that just leaves 'A Panamanian Craze?'.
    All will be revealed in the passage of time :-)