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    They've asked for our suggestions and here are mine:

    1- If you are going to ask people to commit money for a subscription then the gigs should be announced up front and be set in stone. I was extremely disappointed to find out that the Electric Ballroom gig was not included in the first wave when it was originally listed as being among those in consideration. What could be more valuable than a better version of that gig? The SOS Berlin Club gig (which presumably took it's place) is nearly identical to the Rockpalast gig.

    2- Keep a consistent release schedule. The "new batch every 3 months" timing fell by the wayside rather quickly.

    3- Only post gigs that maintain a high standard of quality. The quality of the Jannette Cochran gig was unacceptable and despite claims to the contrary was not an improvement over the recordings found on Turns & Strokes.

    4- Allow downloads of individual tracks

    5- Include gigs from Wire Mk 3.5 - If I remember correctly one of the Object 47 gigs was pro-shot
    On 4, you can grab individual tracks on online services such as iTunes.

    In terms of gigs, I'd like to see Melkweg, Amsterdam (Oct ’86) or something from very near to that time (although the new Paradiso gig appears similar), a 1990s gig (Manscape tour) and something from the most recent tour.
    Hats off, A sterling job by Mr Bursa, Colin and co. on Series One.

    So there is more to come?

    I'm not sure I'd go for another subscription model, maybe just put out a sporadic series of one-offs as and when good tapes turn up.

    Definitely would like to have a Manscape/90s gig, and I hope there are some good recordings from the current tour, the band are on stunning form at the moment.

    Maybe some more oddities...does Dip/Flash exist on tape? Bruce's Birthday Drill? a Wir gig?
    Would be interesting to have some solo stuff too, there must be some tapes of Dome, Colin solo shows etc?

    Let's not forgot other great lost Wire items which aren't strictly bootlegs too..Steve Albini Sessions...Recycling Sherwood Forest?

    Well you did ask...
    I would personally prefer an expanded version of Strays, with demos of unreleased tracks such as Harry Houdini, if they exist, rather than more live stuff. I would be happy for it to include unreleased solo stuff. I'm sure Colin must have plenty of stuff on tape which was scheduled to be released as a second solo album on SWIM. Would also be keen to hear more He Said 27#11 as I have always enjoyed Graham's solo releases.
    Echoing a number of the excellent suggestions above:
    1. Manscape and/or Wir gigs.
    2. Demos for the 80s, 90s, and 00s material, a la Behind the Curtain.
    3. Recycling Sherwood Forest (this has been nagging at me for several years now!)
    4. The Albini sessions.

    Other than the really poor sound on the Jeannetta Cochrane disc, these have all been fabulous and much appreciated.
    "Maybe some more oddities...does Dip/Flash exist on tape? Bruce's Birthday Drill? a Wir gig?"

    Dip-Flash would be good, and Bruce's Birthday Drill is a fantastic version. Given that the TV recording is high-quality, there must be a soundboard somewhere.

    "Would be interesting to have some solo stuff too, there must be some tapes of Dome, Colin solo shows etc?"

    I'd certainly be interested in a live collection of Colin's early 1980s stuff, although I suspect that's out of the scope of any series.

    As for demos, I'd always hoped for a Cure-style reissue series of the 1980s albums, with remastered LPs, a bonus disc full of extras (b-sides, demos, the odd live take) and reworked inlays (accurate lyrics, the story behind the album, rare photos); pretty much no chance of that ever happening though, so a standalone demos CD would be good. That said, I suspect Mute owns the rights to much of that material, which would complicate matters.
    i'd rather a new lp/tour!
    regarding: " keen to hear more He Said 27#11 as I have always enjoyed Graham's solo releases..", i can only second that. Graham has said in various interviews recently (latest in the U.S.) that he's currently working on something like 4 or 5 solo/collaborative albums at the same time, so there's hope there i guess.
    I doubt Wire retrospective releases will make any odds to whatever follows Red Barked Tree. That said, don't be shocked if Wire powers down for a while and the trio goes back to solo stuff (Githead, 27#11, etc.) for a time.
    look 4ward to a Githead tour!!!
    Craig - I don't believe downloads of these bootlegs are available on iTunes outside of the UK
    Ah—didn't realise the iTunes release was UK-only.
    Here's a somewhat gimmicky idea: An IBTABA companion set, releasing the full shows that formed the foundation for that album. Presumably those would be soundboards, as well.
    Are the shows still available on i-tunes? I thought that this was a 'mistake' and that they were to be pulled until a later date ... or is this now 'a later date'?

    I never understood how these shows ever got to appear on i-tunes anyway ... apart from the obvious ... I was under the misunderstanding that they were exclusive to this site ... oh well ...

    I second most of stevethehouse's opening comments, and think that if Wire plan to issue to issue any more DVDs, they should learn to create chapters. Not that it matters to me anymore, anyway. A combination of things have driven me away from Wire, so I won't be buying next time. I have to say that the last batch of gigs was a poor selection: regardless of the merits of the individual shows, what happened to Elec Ballroom / MOMA / Osaka? These were mentioned several times ...
    The shows are not available on iTunes UK store either at the moment.
    R Swimmer
    Thanks for that info, I'm glad to learn that. (Despite what I said, I don't actually like 'exclusivity' being applied to music ... I also dislike 'limited editions' ... everyone should be able to access every song!)
    Agreed with most of the suggestions above, with heavy emphasis on:

    Also big on:
    - Manscape/Wir live show(s)
    - Wire/Wir/solo (Dome, etc.) outtakes/demos
    - post-2004 live material
    - expansion on Strays
    NO NEED TO SHOUT Spectron and others who are complaining about which concerts were delivered in Tranche 1 - It was quite clear from the outset that there were *no* Promises, only suggestions and possibilities...some of which may yet come to fruition.

    I do think some of you think Wire are still signed to EMI have an army of 'Nathan Barley' style minions, riding around Hoxton on BMX bikes attending to their every whim. It's the band, with help from our own Mr Bursa, that put the bootleg series together (which I suspect involves a lot more work about than some of you realise) and unfortunately these people also have day jobs...which in the case of Wire include writing, recording, and touring the new LP.

    Think yourselves long ago did New Order "promise" their own Bootleg series? Still waiting.
    R Swimmer
    I'm beginning to think you are employed by Wire as their Official Public Defender! (That's a light-hearted bit of ribbing, in case anybody gets the wrong idea ... )

    The only thing I'd really comment on in your post is "think yourself lucky" ... I don't know how financially secure you are, but some of us don't have a lot of money! To me, £60+ is (I'm sad to say) big money!

    People do tend to place too much emphasis on 'suggestions', I grant you that ... but if you're hoping for a suggested Show X and it doesn't happen, of course there will be a few sniffles ... especially if that was a primary motive for signing up ...

    As for New Order bootlegs, the very idea sends shivers down my spine!

    FWIW, I would rather see a nice Box Set, perhaps a companion to Live At The Roxy/CGBG/On The Box, rather than the continuing Bootleg Series. It was a success, and most points have been covered (esp reading Colin's post about D&E above); there can indeed be "too much of a good thing" with the old stuff.

    Better knowing Wire is working on the follow up to RBT than dredging the past...