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    I too would like to know what the little extra booklet is and I wrote the damn thing!
    This is where HP sadly realises that the middle pages fell out of his copy, without him realising, before he got a chance to read it.

    HP: "Ooh, a leaflet!"
    Rubbish glue: "Heh heh heh!"
    I've just pulled my copy down and the booklet I'm talking about isn't really a booklet, it's a bunch of folded photocopies! It's simply called 'Wire Discography' ... and says: 'completely revised, amended and updated by Kevin S Eden - September 1997'. I got it from WMO for a couple of quid years ago.

    Admittedly, I was pretty (okay, VERY) vague, but didn't anyone remember this? Or am I the only one who bought it?!?

    I actually 'lost' it once and was most upset, so on finding it again it now lives IN the book proper ... now if only I could find my precious Husker Du 'Warehouse' US tour program and my Fatima Mansions fan club newsletters ... I won the competition to name their fan club and can't find any of the gubbins relating to it ... :(
    The discography has been completely updated, revised and overhauled and available FREE to anyone who emails me.
    How do we get your email address?
    Kevin has it conveniently listed under his profile (click his name on any post).
    Another factor for me with the second series of official boots would be the price point. I believe it was about $125 U.S. That's pretty steep for 9 digital shows and a DVD, but I couldn't not go for it. Other bands like the Pixies and King Crimson sell their individual shows for cheaper ($3.99 and $9.99) respectively, with a discount on certain batches... King Crimson had 16 shows for $50 U.S.!

    I guess I could have bought the shows individually and skipped the DVD, but I really wanted to support the project.
    How about a 10-cd set, with a big (80 or so full colour pages) 12x12 hardback book, a few loose repros of old tour posters, tickets, other memorabilia ... all in a big 12x12 heavy duty box? For about £80 and £7 postage?

    A bit (or rather, totally) like The 13th Floor Elevators' 'Sign Of The Three-Eyed Men' box set. Best (value) box set ever.

    Or if vinyl's your thing, maybe a 7 or 8 LP 12x12 boxed set with book, paraphernalia, 3-D lenticular prints, all for £90 (plus £8 postage). Like the Elevators' forthcoming vinyl set. I have all but one song on it, I'm broke, but the effort that's gone into making this such a desirable thing of everlasting beauty ... would I be churlish to resist? By the way, I realise that the vinyl edition is pricier than the CD version, but unfortunately vinyl now costs more ... apparently ... or at least we've been 'educated' into accepting this. But hey, who can argue in this instance?

    The CD set sold out on pre-orders alone ... now if Charly can manage this ...


    PS - oh, and the book MUST be written, researched and designed by someone other than a Wire-member ... no more self-congratulatory texts, please! Jon Savage would surely be up for it? Or Paul Lester ...
    TO jland:

    Thanks for your informative post.

    "I believe it was about $125 U.S. That's pretty steep for 9 digital shows and a DVD, but I couldn't not go for it."

    That's exactly how I felt.

    "I guess I could have bought the shows individually and skipped the DVD, but I really wanted to support the project. "

    Again, that's exactly how I felt. Unfortunately the DVD was both good and bad, in that it had the best audio set of the series (stored in wav files on the disc) but, as a DVD, was a joke: not-properly-working menus, and not even chapters. It amazes me when I download DVDs from, say, dimeadozen and they either have no chapters or are simply chaptered every 5 minutes (how handy!), but for a major band to release something in this state (even in this series) was simply unforgiveable, and to claim that chaptering was 'forgotten' is like forgetting to take your trousers down before you sit on the toilet! So much for embracing new technology! This kind of thing could be put together better on any PC using free software! But then, since the Rockpalast DVD was sold in retail stores without chapters, what more can we expect? I think Wire should have recalled the product and remastered and replaced the DVDs.

    Anyway, if ever I feel the need to watch the Rockpalast show again, I simply watch my personal recording from wdr (oh those glory days of getting euro-telly on analogue Sky receivers: how nice that the digital age is taking us backwards in terms of choice). Not only does it have chapters, but the quality is better than the official DVD, too!

    Anyway, I definitely wouldn't be up for a second series of digi-boots, not unless the price was reduced to something like this:

    "Other bands like the Pixies and King Crimson sell their individual shows for cheaper ($3.99 and $9.99) respectively, with a discount on certain batches... King Crimson had 16 shows for $50 U.S.!"

    Now I feel even MORE stupid ... what the !!!! was I thinking!


    OFF TOPIC: speaking of the wonders of digital tv, has anybody noticed how everything seems fine most of the time apart from a few glitches now and then, BUT come time for Doctor Who on a Saturday night and you are guaranteed at least two or three glitches within the space of 45 minutes? It's happened to us all through the current series. Not that I'm suggesting this is a deliberate ploy to sell more DVDs, PERISH the thought ... !
    I've still got a fully functioning Sky analogue dish, delivering German telly perfectly well! Rockpalast is still on WDR but rarely shows anything decent.
    Charly Records has a reissue roster that includes some of the biggest names in popular music ever - guaranteeing an income to offset the cost of big expensive projects.

    Pinkflag has a roster that includes, uh, Wire.

    So as to the unfinished statement "if Charly can manage this...", you're talking about two wildly different labels with distinctly different purposes (and incomes).

    It might make more sense to check what a band from the same era has done with their own small label, doing the kind of lavish reissue projects that you desire:

    "I just took my savings and when ahead and started. Having said that I've lost a small fortune. Warning DO NOT START A RECORD LABEL!" - Andy Partridge in Powerpopaholic

    ...and Mr. Partridge has other artists/projects to presumably generate some income. He is a noted proponent of meticulous reissues along the lines that you speak (see the Dukes CD reissues, or the Skylarking vinyl package, or his own Fuzzy Warbles series), and in terms of time frame, popularity, and influence - XTC is more equivalent to Wire than the 13th Floor Elevators.

    Ape House Records almost collapsed under the weight (and expense) of his vision. Perhaps this is what Colin is trying to avoid?

    I'm not saying I don't like your ideas for Wire reissues. As I've said many times, I'd be first in line to ante up. But I guess I keep my expectations of Pinkflag realistic - it sure causes me a lot less angst that way.

    As for download pricing: picking out two major, major acts and saying "Wire should price it like they do" is a bit ridiculous. As it happens, the pricing of the Bootleg Series is fairly par-for-the-course when you do the research across bands that are similar - or even some of those that are greater - in stature. Take Phish, for example: for a band that is so tolerant of home-taping they aren't exactly giving it away in their own package deals: 21 shows, $233/FLAC. About $11/each. Sound familiar?

    (by the way, please read the very thorough and entertaining "About DGM" essay on Fripp/King Crimson's DGM distribution site for yet another bit of evidence that doing even these digital releases is very hard indeed, full of pitfalls, and more a labor of love than a cash cow)

    Having worked Posteverything through from beginning to unfortunate end, I think Colin is better positioned than I to understand what Pinkflag can and can not take on. I choose to trust him (since he's explained their methodology many times) that they're doing things the best way they know how.
    There is such a disconnect between bands and fans, it seems. Fans mistake what is essentially a commercial relationship—the band provides a service and/or product, the fans decide whether it's worth the money—for a romantic one. The band owes us this, they gouge the ones who love them, they should do this for us, they should do that for us. Can you imagine how people would react if Colin or anyone else came on here and said, "We're releasing this doodad and we expect you all to buy it because you owe us." And then complain incessantly when sales don't go thru the roof or fans criticize the arrogance. I don't doubt for a second that the bootleg series thus far hasn't made much money. It wasn't marketed to be, in no small part because, c'mon, only Wire obsessives are going to be interested in it. The band has calculated a price that allows them to recoup their costs plus perhaps a small profit. If that price is beyond a person's means, well, that's unfortunate. These things are a luxury, anyway, not a necessity.

    But please, hippriest, continue sharing the entitled fan's point of view. I'm sure, sooner or later, Colin, Graham, and Rob will all personally apologize for letting you down so cruelly.
    Charly is actually notorious for issuing loads of poor re-recordings by artists who were past their prime when they re-worked said tracks ... and tend to hide that info in tiny print where you'll never find it!

    I'll keep this brief because I had intended not to post again as I always seem to upset somebody (must be because I'm so mean and tough: ha!) but I do appreciate the facts and figures etc. I recommend reading 'Independence days' by Alex Ogg, about GB indie labels, it's informative and although way too long, a very good read (even if it is filled with outrageous typos and printing errors). I am sure running a small label has its pitfalls, unfortunately I have to confess that due to a series of 'bad things' over the last six years - loss of job, loss of house, loss of money, continuing ill-health - my viewpoint is very limited and I tend not to consider what are, ultimately, luxuries - like having your own record label! (Not that I begrudge anyone their own record label, of course!)

    Actually, that moment of candour on my part might explain my current obsession with 'value for money' and so forth.

    Anyway, that's that ... I did compose a reply to Dr Medulla but something went wrong when I tried to post it ... his final line was so childish, though, that I can't be bothered to re-write it! If you're reading this, though, Dr M: why don't you just skip my posts? You obviously find them too mean: I always skip yours, because I find them too fawning. Try it: you'll save yourself loads of time!

    Best to all
    Erm...I mean this in no way offensive to anyone on this forum but I've done some lyrics for one of the bands I play with based on this thread!:

    Flag Burners Flounce
    Over value for money
    Fully Functioning Analogue
    moments of candour
    Pitfalls and bad things
    Outrageous Typos

    I skip yours TOO FAWNING
    You skip mine TOO MEANING

    DVD Omitted
    VHS permitted
    Fast Forward Broken
    Rewinding Smoking

    Luxurious Necessity
    Friends made and unmade
    Over two thirty three dollar FLAC
    and Powerpop Flop

    Backwards in Choice
    and official Too.

    (It's a doddle this...Can I be in Wire?
    What are the hours?)
    nice 'text'! Will you be sued for plagarism? mimicry as flattery? inspired inspiration saves brow-mopping perspiration!
    At least something of value has finally emerged from this thread! :D
    Those are pretty bloody good! Nice one!
    'It's a doddle this... '

    You have seen the fallacy of the art-rock myth: jot down the first stream of nonsense that comes into your head, then say it's about (eg) the former Eastern Bloc falling to capitalism, or whatever. The world's music writers will be at your feet.

    On second thoughts, you haven't quite got it right yet: your words (sorry, 'text') actually refer to something real and show that you've done some reading first. Stop that now, and you'll be away!