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    Just out of interest, how many people did go for the full bootleg-plus-DVD package? I'm just curious. I can see some did, and I know I did, but was it that many?

    HP, in my limited experience of pop and rock the answer to the question of 'how many...' did anything sell is usually either:

    a.) Less than you might think
    b.) More than you can possibly imagine
    c.) Quite respectably
    Or d) critical acclaim cannot explain the extent of the sales
    • CommentAuthorSlim says...
    • (CommentTimeJun 13th 2011 edited)
    HP, I did but only on Friday. It was my birthday so I treated myself so I ordered it about 2:30pm and the DVD arrived at 9:20am Saturday which is pretty good going in my book. So far I've just cherry picked a few tracks here and there and it's all been of a high standard, a much higher standard than the similar stuff the The Fall have put out.

    The only gapping hole in the coverage of the various live recordings is the Manscape and Wir eras, so I'd personally like to see something from these gigs included in phase 2 if possible. Other than that I'll take whats on offer.
    Mention of the Orange Rehearsal Tape in Neate's book inspired me to try Googling again, this time with success:
    Fantastic find—merci bien. My copy of Not About To Die is 128 kps, so hopefully the common tracks on this is a bit of an improvement.
    For those with Dimeadozen accounts Orange and 76 with George Gill rehearsals still running here:
    ...and the 4 lots of 77 demos here: warned they are all pretty lo-fi.

    Would be good to hear better quality versions of the demos as part of the bootleg series but that doesn't seem to be within the remit so I guess the Albini sessions and the feb 80 rehearsals won't be released as part of the series either. Shame as I'd be more interested in these than more live shows.

    In terms of live shows for the series I would like more from the post-154 pre-break up era. Also more from 2000s onwards but not Send sets which are already well documented.

    Jelliot... could not agree more. I have all of the 1976/1977 demos, in varying sound, but a complete set from the 70s/early 80s in clean sound would be more than welcomed.
    that link to riverside demos doesn't work anyone got an alternate one? be nice to hear the whoe set...
    The filefactory link—the third one—is still live.
    its all spammy and horrible when i tried to do the download....
    Paul—just scroll down, click 'Slow Download' and thumb-twiddle for a while.
    Any update on the next set for series 2?
    Not yet, though I keep unearthing things!
    • CommentAuthorSlim says...
    • (CommentTimeMay 28th 2013 edited)
    Any teasers or vague hints at what sort of periods you are looking at Mark? Go on, have a laugh & dangle a carrot or two.
    Buying series two knowing how poorly the first series was handled was one of the more ill-advised decisions I've made in the past year.
    Just received this from Greedbag: "Thank you for your pre-order of Wire - 08 Dec 2000 Queen's Hall, Edinburgh and the included bonus download is available for you now!"

    Anyone else get this email? I'm not seeing any kind of bonus there. Is the email a glitch, a better version of Queen's Hall?
    Just checked my Greedbag page and my link to the Edinburgh show is missing. Either it was mistakenly taken down and they're banging them back up again - or there could be a superior download - I haven't actually had the email yet.....
    There's been an issue with the Edinburgh show appearing on my download pages as well, Greedbag are aware of the problem and sent me a new download link while they sort it out. I don't think there's a newer version..