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    I remember seeing this in the mid-90's, and apparently it was "re-issued" sometime in 2010. I picked up a copy over the weekend and was curious as to the exact history of the release. I am most certain the LP is a bootleg despite the attempt to use official logos of Harvest and EMI and release the same year as EMI's Behind The Curtain. Anyone know who is behind this release? There was also a 2010 1976 Demos LP. Not sure who was behind that one either.
    I saw three or four such albums in a top London independent record shop recently (no names) ... most of the stuff has already been released ... not quite sure why these exist!

    Agreed. I'm just curious if anyone knows who is behind the releases. I guess wanting vinyl is the reason I can think of. I paid only USD$15, so not excessive like many of the sellers I've seen as high as twice that price.
    It's not listed in the official discography on this site, so i'd assume it's a bootleg indeed..
    I have a version that came out in 1995. It has a Harvest logo but in a combination of colours i don't remember from any Harvest release. The sleeve notes seem to be heavily "borrowed" from the book Everybody Loves a History.
    Yes the item is a bootleg and the Harvest catalogue number is in fact a Roy Harper album (if memory serves me). I spotted it in Huddersfield a while back and was thrown for a second then realised it is a bootleg and offers nothing that has not already been released officially.
    a quick research in discogs reveals that the catalogue number is Rainbow Takeaway, a 1978 album by Kevin Ayers.
    I stand corrected. Told you my memory was bad ha ha