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    I saw Grant Hart in London a couple of weeks ago and was appalled that only about 100 people attended. The Greatest Living Pop Songwriter and nobody gives a ****. What's the world coming to?

    The show was fantastic, just Grant and his electric guitar playing for almost two hours, most songs played in response to shouted requests: no acknowledgment except going straight into whichever song titles he heard. Just magical. He gave out free CDs at the end and I was one of the lucky ones to be able to chat with him for about 20 minutes while he signed autographs (including my free CD!). He was unfailingly polite, looking in turn at the people listening to him, so that everybody felt involved.

    Despite a few comments on places like You Tube, Grant appears to be in good health, chatty and very upbeat. His singing was as beautiful as ever, and his guitar playing getting ever better.

    Grant's house was recently badly damaged in a fire. A benefit concert took place in Minneapolis to raise funds for the repairs. Does anybody know how to contact Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters? I'd like to suggest to him that he make a gift to Grant of a new house, or at least pay for all the repairs and to accommodate Grant during the process. Failing that, I'll ask Green Day. Or any of a hundred other bands who owe their existence to Mr Hart.

    Don't make us wait another 15 years til you play here, Grant!