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    What with all the names and renames for the same thing with In Vivo and Illuminated etc

    Can anyone confirm if the Ahead 7" version is on CD - or is it just another rename for summat I have already got?
    I don't know the answer off the top of my head, but I can tell you that it fades out ... thus losing the power of the big exciting coda and the dead-stop ending ... not good!

    I'm pretty certain it isn't on CD ... just checked a few possibles and it wasn't there ...
    It is the album version with a fade out as hp states
    Thks everybody!
    The US CD of The Ideal Copy on Enigma is supposed to have the 7" fade-out version. Is this right? And why? I don't see the point of replacing the much more interesting Ahead (II) with this fade-out, especially when the full track is on the same disc.
    My understanding is that the original US CD on Enigma (CDE-73270) did not include any other versions of Ahead apart from the album track. Extra tracks were Snakedrill EP and Ambulance Chasers (live), Feed Me (live), A Vivid Riot Of Red (live).
    The DAT tape released in US (Enigma—772 279-2) replaced Ahead (alternative version) with Ahead (7" version).
    The more recent US Mute CD issue replicates the UK edition.
    As an owner of the Enigma CD edition, I can confirm that it only has one version of Ahead.

    I've bought this album multiple times. Once when it came out.

    Once years later after Enigma collapsed and my original copy seemed to be decaying, and I just happened to see it in a rack of miscellaneous bargains.

    Then a few years ago, when a copy of the Mute edition wound up in my favorite record store, and I noticed the extra version of Ahead in the track listings.

    If they ever remaster the thing I will certainly be required to buy that too.