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    Right, the outdoor miners are rehearsing this song and I am trying to track down the lyrics. The good people over at Wirereviews had a half decent stab at them but I don't think it's quite there.


    Mary is a dyke
    Mary is a dyke
    Mary is a, Mary is a
    Mary is a dyke

    [Acting like a bear?]
    [Dolly in her hair?]
    [Talking to her brother?]
    [Going down the stairs?]

    [Finding no relief?]
    [Playing with the beat?]
    [Ladies know her action?]
    [You know she can be beat?]

    [Hurry in and get her?]
    [Take the f——ing body?]
    [There is no headache?]
    ['Cos I couldn't get a hallow?]

    Perhaps we can work it out between us. I have three recordings of the track. Live at the Roxy, Live at CBGB's and on Behind the Curtain and I still can't make out the words! The lyrics section on this site list them as being lost in the mists of time. It's a shame to lose it forever and we are determined to resurrect it! I can't stop singing 'Dolly in her hair' I may keep that.
    Just make it up. Do your own version :)
    Ha ha! Leave it, do Former Airline or Underwater Experiences instead!
    I always thought it was "Cos I couldn't get a hard-on"

    Disagree with R Swimmer - give it a go - it hasn't been played live in 34 years!
    "I always thought it was "Cos I couldn't get a hard-on""

    Probably. I don't recall where those lyrics came from, whether they were mine or Andrew Westmeyer's, but I think it's clear we didn't spend much time on that song. As for this site, Colin has no idea what the lyrics are either, hence the 'lost' statement.
    For that matter, who or what is it that Colin dedicates '12XU' to on the 'Live at the Roxy '77' gig (boith on the original record and the recent c.d releases). It sounds to me like 'Luthen Ada', but that doesn't make sense.

    Looking forward to Saturday.

    Rob Murray
    It sounds to me like 'Luthen Ada', but that doesn't make sense.

    Maybe it's euthanasia... ;-)
    Isn't it Wire's first manager, Lou something-or-other?
    That's explained in Wilson Neate's Pink Flag book, page 138: "This one's dedicated to Lou Pineda …". Apparently he was the owner of an Italian greasy spoon in Stockwell, next to Wire's rehearsal place at the time.
    Ah, yes: Lou Pineda. I remember the name now. I'm pretty sure Kevin Eden's book also mentions this, but my copy's buried under a ton of other books right now, so I couldn't easily check. *turns up lazy-o-meter*
    Lou Panetta. He owned the shop of the basement they rehearsed in.

    When I originally heard it I thought it was lupin eater. It caused some mirth when I interviewed Colin for the book.
    Thanks everyone.

    Rob Murray
    Sorry to take some time to reply - Ralf is right. It was the greasy spoon cafe owner who offered to make us the "next Beatles". I also got it wrong. It was something like Lou Panetta but I called him Lou Pineda (which of course sounds like "Lupin Ada" :)
    BTW - They are George's words. What I remember is definitely not "pre-watershed" :)
    Nor, for that matter, "any good". :D
    not quite at Graham's level as a lyricist :)
    Exactly! Craig :)
    BTW - My best memory about "Mary Is a Dyke" was that Sounds journalist, Jane Jackman (Suck) who herself was gay used to think the song was called "Merry Is the Day" which I kind of like!
    I like that almost as much as when my brother heard the line "I'll deliberately die a virgin" in I've Waited Ages