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    got tikets for november gig, canae wait,i really hope theres recordings available of recent gigs, officialy i meanm with decent sound quality, theres such great versions/renditions, i aint looked on this forum for a while, any info on this matter?

    a live album should be available at the UK gigs, according to this.
    I'll be attending the Sheffield gig. It's been a good year for Wire devotees!
    No, that's a bootleg CD ripped from a French FM radio broadcast and stupidly expensive it is too! 26 Euros?!
    somebody seems to be bidding for the 26 Eur, though..
    so original promo stands for "bootleg" in this case. 2.500 copies a bit optimistic for a bootleg these days, IMO.
    A bit more digging reveals released on the mysterious 'Sangatte Records' who have put a whole series of these out but if you read the comments at the end of the page it sounds like these are just CD-Rs burned from streaming audio so the audio isn't going to be great. I suspect they are burned to order, I doubt they have prepped 2,500 in advance.

    Could be that Wire will use the Black Session recording for their official tour CD? If not, I'd warn anyone against paying such a price for one of these CDs..I'm sure the tape will emerge somewhere if Wire don't release it themselves.
    It's available on Dime a Dozen:

    edit: Apologies. Looks like the seed is dead. I have a high quality AAC version. PM if you want an upload.
    So - it is the gig that Wire are selling - wonder if Colin has done some jiggery-pokery in the post-production to improve the sound?
    Bought the Black Session cd last night and played it a couple of times already.

    Pretty decent sound. More than decent performance.

    Well worth a tenner in my book.
    The Black Session CD you bought, was it available on vinyl as well??
    No. Well I didn't notice one anyway.