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    can any one confirm if the list below includes all of wire 7" UK vinyl picture cover singles. Any missing ?
    Thanks in advance,

    "Mannequin" / "12XU" / "Feeling Called Love" (November 1977)
    "I am the Fly" / Ex-Lion Tamer" (February 1978)
    "Dot Dash" / "Options R" (June 1978)
    "Outdoor Miner" / "Practice Makes Perfect" (January 1979)
    "A Question of Degree" / "Former Airline" (June 1979)
    "Map Reference 41°N 93°W" / "Go Ahead" (October 1979)
    "Our Swimmer" / "Midnight Bahnhof Cafe" (May 1981)
    "Ahead" / "Feed Me" (live) (March 1987)
    "Kidney Bingos" / "Pieta" (March 1988)
    "Silk Skin Paws" / "German Shepherds" (June 1988)
    Hi Horatio,

    There were also these two as far as I know:

    Eardrum Buzz/The Offer

    (Mute—MUTE 87—April 1989

    In Vivo (7" mix)/Illuminated (7" mix)

    (Mute—MUTE 98—July 1989)

    for more info see:
    One of the two German issues of Outdoor Miner has a totally different Picture sleeve from the UK release in case your interested.
    You can always request the up-to-date discogrpahy from me which includes images of ALL sleeves
    I wasn't aware this was ever released as a 7" single, even if it's not got a picture sleeve
    I think this is the single that was contained in The Drill 3Lps box set released by Mute Records.
    It is the box set single - they're both edited versions of tracks from "The Drill" CD - the B-Side is the live Chicago Drill edited from almost 12 minutes down to 6.
    Thanks for the replys,

    Having sold my vinyl collection back in the early 80's , i had an "itch" to recollect the UK 7" Wire picture discs. Taken me six months to get them all in good condition. Hadnt been to record fairs in years.... some sad old ferkers in them places, lol !.

    It's loverly to get them all back !.Our Swimmer being me fav pic cover. Maybe get them framed up sometime down the tack.
    Its a sad worn age thing !

    Horatio N

    Got them all done... finally. Hung up under lights.

    Awesome! That looks great. Well done sir.

    Those singles have some of my favorite cover art from Wire. I've always been partial to the Dot Dash cover.
    Very Nice. Now you should get the 3 vinyl 7" Bootlegs. That would finish it off.
    The Std 12 balanced up nicely in two frames, stefm. That'll do !

    Gona pick another fav band and do the same. The The or Magazine, maybe.

    "Hung up under lights."

    In your trees?

    Sorry. Couldn't resist.
    Had something similar in mind, but only got two of them done. Really don't have the wall space to frame them all. So I went with a signed version of Ahead and the clear vinyl version of EDB.