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    Another belting performance in what can only be described as very subdued surroundings. I arranged to meet my friend inside the building but as I arrived he told me he was in the Festival of Britain Museum and would be 10 minutes. So I sat down and read a magazine when over the PA came the announcement " Please take your seats in the Royal Festival Hall as the show will commence in 1 minute !!! ".It was 7.33pm ! Ran upstairs and found my seat and noticed the rear stalls (where I was sat) was almost empty. There was a droning backing track playing from the stage as WIRE took to the stage.
    Plug in guitars and straight into Adapt. It was noticeable that EVERYONE was sitting down ,even right down the front. But what was even more noticeable by its absence was the lack of heckling in between songs. I'm sure it says in the small print that some div HAS to heckle the band at one point ,but no , nothing , nada , niet.
    Graham appeared to be wearing a Royal Scots dragoons hat but more importantly was playing impeccably , but then he always does. From my vantage point I thought the PA let them down in the vocal area , especially on Please Take and Kidney Bingoes. Otherwise it was a great performance with the best Red Barked Tree I've heard.
    They did 1 hour exactly with a 3 song encore which included a rarity ,hence the title of this thread.
    The set list was :
    1. Adapt
    2.Ally In Exile
    4.Please Take
    5.Kidney Bingoes
    7.Bad Worn Thing
    8.Another The Letter.
    10.Map Ref
    12.Two People In A Room
    13. Red Barked Tree

    Rapturous applause for a solid/tight set and well deserved.

    14. OUTDOOR MINER !!!!!!!!!
    15.The Spare One
    16.Pink Flag
    (followed by about 4 minutes of feedback/noodling/doodling)
    Then more rapturous applause.

    Worth every penny.

    I left after 4 songs by the Sonics , who were introduced by Ray Davies himself.
    It was an amazing gig in sort of sterile surroundings, but then that's the Royal Festival Hall. There were quite a few surprises - Ally in Exile, The Spare One, but Outdoor Miner the biggest of them all. A fab performance by Wire and I quite enjoyed all the noise at the end of Pink Flag.

    Left after about 8 songs by the Sonics. People were actually dancing and screaming at that point.
    "Please take your seats in the Royal Festival Hall as the show will commence in 1 minute !!! ".It was 7.33pm !"

    They pretty much did this with the Yo La Tengo gig, starting at 7:30 on the dot. Amusingly, they did their gameshow thing, so people showing up late found YLT already on stage (surprise!) and playing Condo Fucks in its entirety (SURPRISE!). Needless to day, the latecomers sitting next to us sat there for 30 minutes quite clearly wondering what was going on.

    Good to hear the Wire set went well, and nice to see Outdoor Miner brought back.
    Sounds like a great set, thanks for posting the info folks.
    The RFH is an odd venue for Rock Music, the acoustics are designed to amplify 'unplugged' orchestral instruments and I find venues like that do strange things to PA systems. I would much rather see Wire in the function room of a Working Men's Club in Leeds (which is fortunate as they will be doing just that this Autumn!)

    Who knew Ray Davies was a Wire fan? I suppose there are some parallels..Outdoor Miner has a touch of the Kinks about it, wonder if Ray requested that one specifically?!

    Good to read about new additions to the set list, and how very 'Wire' that these are two of their most obscure tracks, and the other one has probably been one of the most requested at all their gigs...and the only one where apparently nobody shouted for it...they played it!

    Whatever next? I Am The Fly back in the set?
    Wire were great and Outdoor Miner was a shocker.. the pa mix was a fucking mess.

    And what the fuck is people giving The Sonics a hard time, they were fucking brilliant and so much fun, me abs my friend Were the first to dance at the front, do you lot even know who The Sonics are? The first ever punk band ever.
    What a special night!
    (Can I start off by saying personally I LOVE the way RFH gigs start on time. as printed! At the wrong side of 45 and just the right side of 50, I'm growing tired of headline acts shuffling on at post-9.30pm. Have enjoyed many wonderful acts on the South Bank - David Bowie, Gavin Friday, Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois, Sigur Ros - and it's lovely to heading home just after 10pm!).
    Anyways on with the Wire...
    Wonderful set sprinkled with magic dust (Kidneys and Map References for sure). The play-out drone was a highlight too (hints of Red Tent 1 off Dome 2). Managed a quick chat with Colin and Graham as they dismantled their kit (so weird seeing a band of such noble heritage unpluuging amps and curling up jack leads) and they seemed genuinely touched by the reception of the few of us that ventured to the stage edge.
    They still know how to rock.
    One day they'll play 'Touching Display' and the stars will have aligned!
    Oh The Sonics after? Can't help but feel they won over the crowd with sheer ageing enthusiasm for their material.
    Nice to see people defying security and moshing in the pit (if you can mosh in a pit at RFH!)
    Who is giving the Sonics a hard time ??? I left after 4 songs as my mate lives miles from London and was exhausted so wanted to leave early as he was driving us home. It also wasn't my cup of tea , I don't HAVE TO like them , but I don't see any criticism on here from myself or others.