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    As part of the continuous building of the definitive Wire discography I have also included all Radio Sessions that I am aware they have done collectively or individually.
    I also want to add TV shows where they have performed live (or mimed).
    I do not need to know about Rockpalast from 1978 or The Late Show with Suzanne Somers.
    All and any contributions to this gratefully recieved.
    You can either contribute by email direct to me or on this forum

    Could you state:
    songs played, Name of TV show, TV station, date of broadcast

    i think the only other 2 punk era appearances were on "So it Goes" (ITV Granada , 1978?) where they do an interview intercut with a studio performance of "Reuters" and a German TV show called "Szene 78" where they mimed to "Practice Makes Perfect". i have really bad copies of these 2 so they do exist , no idea on broadcast dates though.

    there are a lot of 80's appearances but mostly interviews rather than performance. the only performances i can think of are the "Kidney Bingos" on German TV thats on Uri's video , and there's a clip from Belgian TV (i think) where they're filmed soundchecking on a stage in front of a big stepladder. mr baran is probably the guy to ask for more details on this.

    also bruce appeared on "The Other Side of Midnight" (Granada TV) as part of AC Marias performing "Just Talk". the only ever live performance by a member of wire on UK TV?
    Many thanks for the above info. I will add them to my list.

    Keep them coming
    Hi Kevin,

    Colin and Bruce were special guests on the sadly demised Mixing It show on Radio 3. It was broadcast on the 20/04/2003 just prior to Send being released and the Flag Burning show at the Barbican. They didn't play live but there were Wire, Solo stuff , Swim artists and personal choice tracks played in between chat. The full playlist was:

    Wire - Reuters
    Peter Williams - A Watched Kettle
    Migu - Spider
    Akatombo - Overheat
    Wire - You Can't Leave Now
    Chris Abrahams - Self Taught Bouncer
    Wire - Spent (live)
    MC Honky - A Good Day To Be You
    BC Gilbert - Soli (excerpt)
    Daniel Johnston - Mountain Top

    Hope this is of some use

    Not sure whether the Granada TV appearance was So it Goes or What's On. They were both Tony Wilson-fronted shows, running around the same time. I think it was What's on as it's not listed on any of the SIG programmes in the Granada archive. Suspect it dates from 78, which would make it post-SIG (the "Punk" series 2 is 77). What's on ran into 1979.
    It was What's On
    Thanks Kevin. I guessed as much as I watched all the SIGs at the time and don't ever remember Wire being on, but only intermittently watched What's On
    There was an interview with all four members on BBC 2's Snub TV, dating from 1989 I think (it also had part of the video for Eardrum Buzz showing). I have it on VHS somewhere.
    Thanks. I am aware of the Snub TV, but that's only an interview, not Wire playing live on TV
    The one you've not mentioned but was circulating on 'Free Speech & More TV' bootleg was a great clip of the band miming Kidney Bingos on an un-named Pop show somewhere in Europe not sure which one, nor the date as my copy has no info with it but I'm sure someone will know ;)

    Bruce is wearing a surgical mask, Robert is playing a drum machine, and Colin pulls out a toothbrush brushes his teeth during the instrumental break. No idea what show was, there is a brief clip of the presenter introducing the song as 'Kidney Bongos'

    I'm assuming Kevin already knows of this but here are a couple of screen grabs for those who've not seen it. Not on Youtube as far as I'm aware.