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    In an interview with Jon Wozencroft, just posted to the Touch site, there's a link to a review of the Jannis Kounellis show that the image for Red Barked Tree came from. You can see it at the back of the photo, one of a number of variations. Looks like Wozencroft has inverted the original image for the album cover. So those vaguely bomb/bulb/valve-like objects are wine bottles... blindingly clear once you know...
    Was there a general belief that they were something other than wine bottles? Maybe I'm just betraying my wino tendencies, but that's how they looked to me from the first.
    Don't know what the general belief was, but it was a strange blindspot for me, don't know why but, as I say, glaringly obvious...

    Red Wine Barked Tree (or even Red Red Wine Barked Tree)

    I'll get me coat...
    Shouldn't that be "I'll get me Cote du Rhone" ?
    No need to whine about it.

    And yes it was obvious what said objects were.
    I really like the sleeve, that's one aspect of RBT that hasn't been discussed IIRC. Obviously wine bottles, and with the black curtain thing I thought a bit of a nod to Chairs Missing somehow. It also looks like an Ammo belt in a way, or maybe even a human bomb belt under a shroud..except when that lot goes off you get covered in Claret, or possibly a nice Merlot.

    It's a great sleeve actually, a lot better than 'Send' which I thought was a bit obvious and a bit too of its time and the Object 47 sleeve which I thought was let down by the typography.. It either needed no type at all, or WIRE in massive letters over it.
    The cover could be considered to reflect the tracks within. "Adapt" is quite a merlot number from the band whereas "Moreover" comes across more as an out and out rioja.
    PinkFlag - The Official Wine Forum
    PinkFlag - The Official Wine Forum

    It could go under the sub-name: 'Beginning to and Bacchus Again'
    Wouldn't it be Rosé Flag?