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    In the run up to Object 47's release in six weeks or so, Wire has decided to issue the album's lead track, One Of Us, as a free MP3 download. Grab it from's home page or the Listen section now! (And discuss it here, if you want, obv.)
    Well, it's a fantastic opener to what I'm hoping (and expecting) will be a fantastic album. Thanks very much to Colin and co for this very welcome free download - it would certainly make an excellent single if there are any plans to release one.

    I'm really pleased to be able to say that the song sounds very much like - Wire - brilliant.
    I'm very pleased with the song. Wire always comes up with a way to make new material sound familiar without sounding like they are re-hashing old ideas. Excellent drumming as always from Robert and a really nice melody. I can't wait to hear the full album!
    Beautiful! Thank you very much.
    Excellent. Many thanks.
    So fresh yet so familar. Luv it.

    My mate got me the whole Paul Weller promo new LP which is out next month as well,
    so I,ve done quite well today, what with an impressive WIRE track that is.
    Can,t wait to hear the full monty.
    Yes! I love it when Wire attempt a "Pop Song" and make it a bit barbed, a bit odd and sort of wrong!. This could/should be on "the radio" and I hope it will be.
    This also sounds more like a band performance than anything from Send/R&B.
    all I can say is that I caught my wife humming the melody about an hour after she heard me listening to it for the first time.
    excellent! thanks wire. can't wait for the rest.
    Outstanding. I was hugely impressed by Read & Burn 03, but I like this new song even better than those tracks.
    fuck, this is fantastic! (on sixth listen already). I've got shivers up and down my spine!

    if simon bates was still on radio 1 he'd play this and announce it was going to be a big hit (which he did with 'eardrum buzz').
    Great, solid, accessible, catchy Wire. Very much welcome!
    Now hoping to see some US dates in Los Angeles!
    Seemingly John Kennedy (XFM) played it last night.
    Top quality pop music!

    I always thought that 'Outdoor Miner' should've been number 1 for months...this sounds like a lovely slice of strange catchy noise in a similar vein.

    Nice one!
    One of Us is classic Wire and lives up the the 'tunes with zoom' description from the band recently.
    I love Wire. This band should have been called Wellspring.

    well·spring /ˈwɛlˌsprɪŋ/
    1. the head or source of a spring, stream, river, etc.; fountainhead.
    2. a source or supply of anything, esp. when considered inexhaustible: a wellspring of creativity.

    Thanks to Wire.
    I heard it several times today. I love it. With this weather, sunny, a perfect open windows in yr car song and singing with it of course. Or in my case during a small rest during gardening here. And am I right. Do I hear keyboard sounds at the end? And if this is the first song for object 47, what to expect later.

    .Wonderful stuff, let's hope this is a theme for the album. A
    Definitely a grower! This track is stuck in my head now...its a good one, although it could easily have been a Githead song I think...I hope theres a good mix of styles on the new album, some darker sounding tracks wouldn't go a miss!! :)
    While it's sometimes difficult to discern Bruce Gilbert's contributions to the Wire canon, I swear I can sense his absence here. This song feels a little calculated to me, and I don't like it.
    I've played the song to several non-Wire fans and they all liked it. It's a pop song, pure and simple and should be played endlessly on Radio Two. Hope Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie (both Wire fans) have picked up on it for their show. But, although it's not a drawback as such, I feels Colin's guitar sound on One Of Us is reminiscent to a lot of Githead's output. This is not a negative point, just an observation....