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    Hello - I thought you might be interested in a review and pics of the Meltdown show on the Retro Man Blog here:

    If anyone wants more photos I'm happy to share if you drop me an email.

    Hope you like it...

    Many thanks!

    Like it. A lot.

    Great photos as well , you were obviously in the posh seats down the front ! I also really enjoyed the feedback session at the end of the set..............
    Nice work.
    I wasn't sure you were right about this being the first ever performance of Outdoor Miner. It's certainly the first airing it's had since the 1970s as far as I'm aware, and actually I'm wondering whether indeed it was played live back then. It's not on any of the live recordings I've got. Does anyone know? Was this the live debut of OM?

    P.s. I think I know of you from a certain other online forum ;)
    Enjoyed the review and photos very much. I have lots of great memories of seeing Wire perform in 2002, and I'm sure they've been nothing short of amazing this year.
    Thanks for the kind response!

    nobrainer: no, not in the posh seats unfortunately! I was way at the back for most of the set but had a photo pass (first 3 songs only no flash...) as I was reviewing and taking pics of The Sonics for Shindig! magazine.
    Jim Emery kindly wrote the great review for me.

    R Swimmer: blimey, tell me more, the Word magazine maybe?
    @Retro Man yeah, that's the one! A bit musically conservative for my liking at times but I know there are a few Wire fans around, Red Barked Trees came up a few times in the best albums of the first half of 2011 which is encouraging!
    "Outdoor Miner" followed by... "The Spare One"?!

    I should pop in here more often.