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    Not sure if this is off topic or not given the significant Bruce Gilbert contribution, but the sole reason for watching BBC Three, the excellent Ideal, has bitten the dust.

    For shame.
    Hugely annoyed about this, as my comment on the BBC Comedy blog article shows. Pretty clear this is a new controller urinating over BBC3 to stake his territory and cancelling shows that weren't commissioned by him. As Vegas said on the Ideal Forum, what else could they have done? I suspect S07's budget was slashed (fewer episodes, fewer regulars and fewer cast per episode), yet it retained the surreal darkness, grew in audience and international reach, and was still critically acclaimed. It seems pretty much nothing is safe on BBC3, unless your show was Zai Bennett's.
    Not being so entangled in all things Blighty since moving to the States... what was Bruce's involvement in the siries?
    Some of his music was played, as was Wire's, Colin's and some stuff from Swim.
    And Desmond Simmons.

    Shame about Ideal. BBC3 basically boils down to that and Family Guy. After that there's very little doing. I wouldn't be surprised if the next was the canning of BBC4.

    We're probably part of a demographic who's tastes are, if ever catered for, only generally tolerated in mainstream media
    Thanks for the info... so who's the Wirehead in the production? JV?