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    Salut, mes amis!

    So one of us chaps makes a recording of a Wire song...what's the procedure for getting permission to put it out there? It's not a project I plan to make any money off (maybe as a freebie or hidden surprise), but I respect the gents and would want to go the proper route in releasing it. I'd want their blessing.

    How is it I've made music for 15 years and don't really know how this works??

    Depends on the song. If it's one of Wire's new tracks after the band reformed in the 2000s, you may as well just use this site's contact form. I imagine anything earlier would need the involvement of whoever deals with licensing at Mute or EMI.
    *sigh* It would be EMI. May put this one on ice until I can afford to deal with that. haha
    If the world (or Wire community) could do with one more version of "Outdoor Miner", I would love to share it with you all.
    To do a cover version requires neither permission from the artist or the label it appears on. As long as the mechanical royalties and publishing are paid then all is legal. Sampling is a different ball game as you are using the original recording and that then requires permission from the copyright holder.
    For what it's worth...

    My "Kidney Bingos", with kazoos:

    Well done Kazoo..... thats Ok.... is that !

    Horatio ( it all most cost him....his life... his life )