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    Dome get the limited edition vinyl boxset treatment from eMego this December. Dome. Dome 2, Dome 3, Will You Speak This Word and Yclept are all includede alongside posters, photos, sleevenotes etc. Check out the eMego site for full details from my press release.
    Pricey, but considering the exceptional quality of the Bruce Gilbert double vinyl reissue I'm tempted.

    Letter going off to Santa in tomorrow's post :-)
    That is pricey. I've got all the music and I don't have a good enough turntable to benefit from the remastered Vinyl. I'll stick with my old Mute two-fers and my WMO CD of Yclept (which I guess will become something of a collectable one day).

    However, I hope this means Mego will release Dome catalogue as downloads (which it currently isn't) and be made available for a wider audience who haven't heard it. I'm a firm believer that everything should be 'in catalogue' digitally otherwise you only have yerselves to blame if someone just downloads it illegally.
    dare i ask how many of these are being made? €100 is a bit pricey when i have the cd's anyway i fear.......
    "I hope this means Mego will release Dome catalogue as downloads (which it currently isn't)"

    Dome 1&2 and 3&4 are both on iTunes and Amazon through Mute. Yclept is the only one of these albums you can't grab digitally.
    I believe 1000 copies are being pressed up. There is talk of releasing the albums as seperate items later, without all the added goodies included in the box
    I've informed Deb Danahay that her contribution to Dome will be on this special boxset - she's quite chuffed about it!
    "I hope this means Mego will release Dome catalogue as downloads (which it currently isn't)"

    eMego page for the release says yes for digital download of the whole thing, but no pricing
    as yet that I can see...
    This is awesome news!! I've got all the original LP's + Yclept CD, but definitely want to hear this re-mastered!!! Stoked!!!!!
    same here. i have all the original LP's (a couple of them in two versions, the UK and the japanese one) but i still want this box.
    @biccio - What makes them different? Artwork, tracks? Inquiring minds want to know!
    no major difference. same songs, same artwork. the japanese versions additionally have obi strip and 12" x 12" insert, both in japanese. and the cover looks a bit more glossy than in the uk versions (but being a 30 years old record i can't really tell anymore whether the jap. ones are just in better shape than the uk ones). audio quality of the jap. version sounds a bit better to my ears, though.
    there's no particular reason to have both versions, of course. i just happen to have bought both many many years ago, when they were not as as expensive as they are today.
    oh, and it's Dome 2 and Dome 3. i don't think the others exist in different versions than the UK ones.
    I am aware of Dome 2 being issued in Japan. The back cover being different from UK release. If anyone can scan the back cover of Dome 3 (if it's different from UK) then please email me for its inclusion in the ever growing all-singing-dancing discography.
    Oh dear god, I really want this now. So very, very much. If I weren't in a library, I'd probably be doing back-flips.
    I am reliably informed that all the artwork has been completed and is being printed in Berlin. 6th December release still on schedule.
    can't recall whether the back cover of Dome 3 JPN is different from the one of Dome 3 UK.
    not at home for the next days so can't check. will take a look in a few days and if different i'll try so send it via mail.
    not sure i can do a scan of the cover though, it's too big for my scanner. i can take a picture of it.
    Is this what your looking for Kevin? Not the best picture, but it at least lets you see the sleeve.
    Good review of the Dome Box in the December 2011 edition of The Wire.
    "....Dome rise from the English mud as a disjointed monster of rhythm and noise gurgling a strange tune."

    I am reliably informed that the completed boxes will be shipped to Kudos Distribution the first week of December. Orders made direct with editions Mego will shipped the same time.