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    Hooky's new band, who've been around for a year or more, but i've only just stumbled across 'em! They've been touring with Unknown Pleasures & Closer - i for one hope they repeat 'em! Not a touch on JD, obviously, but 'rockier' (what you expect from Hook?), and, seemingly, a hell of a lot of fun!!!

    check 'em out!
    I was at the gig in the video Hooky is not the greatest singer in the world but he has a darn good go at Ian's vocals and particularly on the earlier JD songs his Salfordian growl fits the songs just fine. It shouldn't work, but it does, and his band are pretty darn good!

    I see New Order are doing some live dates with Gillian Gilbert back in the fold, so it seems like Bucks Fizz, The Bay City Rollers and Mud there are now two touring versions of the band. It was bound to happen! It would appear the rift with Hooky cannot be fixed, but if that is the case It's a shame they don't do a WIR and call themselves No Order or something and it would be great to hear a stripped down more electronic version of NO with just the three of them and a load of synths and samplers. Make a feature of the fact that they've not got the Bass guitar and make something new out of it.

    Alas, I suspect they'll just be cranking out the hits with the session musos adding layers of guitars and it will sound like New Order but without Hooky and loads of unnecessary riffage and power chords from Phil Cunnigham and whichever session johnny does Bass chores for Bad Lieutenant
    From the vids i've seen The Light gigs just look like damned good fun!!!! i agree about Hooky's voice, but the rockier feel to most of 'em appealed to me muchly! for the purists who say 'but it's not how JD would've done them', I'd say 'so what? It's not JD'!

    I just hope i've not missed the boat on this one!!!!
    The hypocrisy boggles my mind. Hook's fine touring Joy Division albums, but he rallies against three out of four members of New Order having the sheer audacity to continue as New Order.
    i think his point would be that he's not touring under the JD 'banner'. It's a totally dif band! I think he's also a bit miffed that they didnae ask him - not that he'd've done it, but out of courtesy.....!
    But wasn't he the one to quit and the one who's repeatedly said he'd never work with them again? And, sure, he's not touring as Joy Division, but he might as well be. Quite funny, really, because it's often the bassist who resurrects old bands and pretends to 'be' them.
    You may be right, but I thought the split was 'mutual', rather than someone quitting? N is he not as entitled to play JD songs 'on his own' as well as NO did n, prob, will?

    I don't see a prob with Hook doing the JD gigs, nor with Sumner n Morris doing theirs n don't really wanna get in a row over it. I saw JD, I saw NO n given a half chance I'll go n see the Light.

    Out of interest, what other bassists u referring to?
    I suspect we don't know the 'alf of what's gone on with New Order over the years.

    I think with Hooky there is a bit of a lack of quality control, and if you're the custodian of a legacy like Joy Division/New Order you have to be really careful how you handle it and market it. If you cheapen it and over-exploit it, you devalue it.

    The New Order situation is very much like Pink Floyd. Roger Waters goes out and tours 'The Wall'. Dave Gilmour goes out and plays his new LP plus a set of Pink Floyd numbers with all the whistles and bells. But both take a lot of care with 'the brand' and presentation and they're both well aware that 'Pink Floyd' is bigger than any one person and is as big, if not bigger than it ever was and if they wished they could still reform and do a megabucks tour.

    With Hooky, although he just about pulls of a live show with The Light there are aspects of what he does that are a bit naff, for example he does horrible T-Shirts which have the Joy Division logo with the word 'England' superimposed over a British flag..incredibly tacky. He's planning to do a 'Movement' tour next, and it's perhaps going to get a bit overdone. I can see why New Order would have an issue with him doing a kind of cheapo version of it and risking the integrity of their legacy. He does a bit too much to destroy their mystique and image..which used to be a big part of their appeal. He's claimed he wants to work his way through the entire JD/NO catalouge and revisit it all Live which means at some point we'll get Hooky does Technique and Hooky does
    Republic was complete shite, obviously, but Technique was (to my ears) great foot-tapping stuff! i would be interested to hear Hooky's 're-take' on some NO stuff as, from what i understand, he always wanted to 'rock out' & Sumner wanted to disco-fy it! The reason i always dipped in & out of NO catalogue was cos it was too early-80's Ibiza for me. If Hooky wants to do a rock version, i'd be interested!
    According to Hooky, Annik enjoyed a The Light gig. "She thought it was going to be dreadful. But she loved it and said Ian would have loved it. I am speechless", he said not being entirely speechless.

    I think he's right about the NO re-union. They won't stop at a couple of charity gigs. They'll use them as an excuse to get back together and then go a big money making tour. Good luck to them. But they should have asked Hooky is he wanted to be in it.
    The dynamic between Bernard/Hooky/Steve and Colin/Graham/Rob is very, very similar.

    What's different is the weight of expectation heaped on the bands by their fans...

    And the ability of the respective bands to come up with new material that matches the old...
    "And the ability of the respective bands to come up with new material that matches the old..."

    Therein lies the problem! Accept it for what it is at the time - unnecessary to compare to previous material.
    Not sure I follow how it can be "unnecessary". If you like a band, and they set a high benchmark with their previous records, you can't help but make the comparison when they return with new material. And, sadly, you can't help but be disappointed when the new material sounds like Ace of Base.
    I didn't like RBT, but i didn't not like it because i liked PF or Send - i just didn't like it!
    You mean there were some tracks *so bad* they didn't even make the final cut of the rotten 'Waiting for the Siren's Call'? The mind boggles!
    No 'obvoiusly' about Republic being shite, I have to say - the first side (vinyl, for you old skool types) is terrific - stands up with any of the rest of the catalogue (but then, NO albums always were a bit hit-and-miss).

    No argument about Waiting for The Sirens Call though. It's fucking woeful. And if Hellbent is anything to go by, this EP can only serve to further smear dung-caked fingers over the legacy.
    Not great is it!

    And that's coming from someone who likes Get Ready!
    It's pretty odd. You seem to get three types of artist in this sort of niche rocky area:

    - Bands like New Order and The Cure, who were once hugely exciting, regularly experimenting, but seemed to hit a point where they basically record the same album over and over, to diminishing returns.

    - Bands like Blur, which changed, them fractured, leading to some pretty interesting solo stuff.

    - Bands like Wire, who never hit that pause button and continue to try new things, reinventions and, at 'worst' reworking things from the past that they wished they'd done differently.

    And, yeah, the mind boggles that New Order's releasing some outtakes from what was a terrible album. Ten long-lost tracks from pre-’85 might have been exciting, but not this.
    <<And, yeah, the mind boggles that New Order's releasing some outtakes from what was a terrible album. Ten long-lost tracks from pre-’85 might have been exciting, but not this.>>

    Exactly what I thought. What are New Order fans eager to hear, unreleased stuff from their most creative and celebrated phase or material that didn't make the cut for an album that showed they were well past their best-before date? Maybe it's Hooky's ploy to remind fans that the band ain't worth caring about anymore.