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    I have the Githead CD,s. But Picked up a Githead single CD.
    There are 3 tracks on it, all off the Profile cd. Titles My L-CA.
    Any more info on this??
    I never knew Githead released Single CD,s.
    Are there anymore Githead single CD,s?
    this was a limited edition radio promo. Singles as physical releases are just not a commercial proposition any more.
    FYI - The Githead / Art Git show at the Arnolfini was flagged as a pick of the week in the Guardian on Saturday.
    "OK, it's shoegazing. But it's pretty good."

    Talk about faint praise! ; )
    Non-Canadians on list might be interested in the fact that one of the shows on Githead's up coming Canadian Tour will be streamed live. Which obviously means anyone can see it. The link is at Orchard TV. Sign up to get a free ticket.
    i've signed up, but i've no idae what the time'll be over here!!!! Having said that......................COME TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If the show's on the east coast it's 5 hours behind london time, get a google map of Canada w/time zones and see which state it's in, then calculate.
    We will do a London date at some point but absurdly it's way more problematic (and not from our side) for us to play in our home city than in places half way across the globe or in continental Europe. This may be partly because here it's very often about me and promoters know they make more money with wire so why not try to get them. in Benelux & France it's just as much about Malka & Robin so they see the point of putting on Githead and know that wire is something different.

    BTW - Ari tell Erik that I think Holy F*ck are pretty awesome! I was responsible for getting them on Sled and Malka & I went backstage to say hi at ATP.
    One North of the border gig would go down well!!!
    But if gigs are in ENGLAND, then we wil invade again lol.
    >>BTW - Ari tell Erik that I think Holy F*ck are pretty awesome! I was responsible for getting them on Sled and Malka & I went backstage to say hi at ATP. <<
    O.K boss.............
    Indeedy, Holy F*ck are amazing. Wish they`d come to Japan......sigh
    big news on -!!

    get updates here - @ headgit and here
    Twitter & facebook are for folk who don't get out enough. Please maintain regular emails of useful news for those of us too busy to waste our lives sat in front of screens for more than the minimum necessary time. Too busy going to record shops and gigs, you see...

    London GH gig I went to was under-attended. You might find more people turn up in Sheffield, Leeds or Manchester?
    Also don't do another the gig the same night as Broadcast are playing!

    Is anyone doing press for the new Githead CD or is that also no longer a viable expense?
    A Manchester gig is a likelihood in fact. There is a new press girl @ Cargo we are using, there's also a streaming track on the "landing" page..
    If the rest of the album is as good as that track, Take Off, on the myspage page then we're in for a treat!
    It's So Obvious
    Just happened to go on2 Githead site & there's a live date added for Cargo in London on 26th Nov, but there's no mentionof it on Cargo site?

    Is this gig defo on? where are tx available from?
    Githead are playing at The Scala, It's a Toutpartout agency 15th anniversary show, you can get tickets from the venue.
    ok - so i can't read!!!!!

    Still no mention of Githead on Scala site! & as there's already 3 bands mentioned, i guess they'll all be doing 30 min sets? not so good!
    The idea is to do a few "key" cities in November as "showcase" shows then a more thorough series of shows in Feb.