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    aah! now that sounds good. mind you, if i can talk my mates into going to Amsterdam next month!!!!!
    Will "Landing" be available on itunes? and if so how long after the official release? Does anyone know why "Pink Flag" is no longer available on itunes?
    There should be a simultaneous release in physical & digital during the week staring 9th November (different countries/ distributors have different release days, UK is Monday, USA is Tuesday, Germany is Friday). Through state 51 (who run the shops for swim, githead & pinkflag) we are into all the major digital shops now for any swim or pinkflag release, obviously including "Landing". For those that want flac the swim shop will be the best source.
    No idea why "pink flag" is no longer in iTunes. Which country are you in?
    Pink Flag isn't up on iTunes UK either. No 154 up there either. Maybe they're out of stock! ;)
    Maybe 154 & PF are supposed to be there but the computers aren´t working the way they ought to be?

    Having just made four hotel bookings and had only one actually work, when one was even made by a person in the hotel, I´m used to computers not doing what they should. This is fairly trivial stuff as problems go, but one computer error or malicious hack could still annihilate the human race in a flash.

    Perhaps getting a turntable is a good idea?

    Lots of Spanish WIRE fans might agree, as the Object 47 vinyl had completely sold out by the end of the Madrid gig.
    I am playing Key Weapon on the 27 11 myspace and Take Off from Githead simultaneously right now and the result seems rather like something Bruce Gilbert might concoct...
    anyone know the score on this Scala gig then? is it going to be full sets by all the bands or just a few songs? i gather the idea was that a lot of bands would play , just wondering what the plan was and how it was going to pan out..........
    the same concern put me off going! I'll wait for a 'proper' Githead gig.

    By the way - i got this email this morning -
    Anyone planning to come to the Scala show on the 26th November should take advantage of the reduced price of £9.00 offer being made by the birthday hosts Toutpartout (our European live agency). Simply e.mail your full name to by the 17th November, turn up at the show & mention guest list and simply pay £9.00. Standard price is £15.00 + booking fee.
    Wow..."Landing" is very very good.
    t'aint bad issit!
    i mean i agree..
    Ah. Good!
    My favourite song is the second one that was on the radio, noticably much bassier uncompressed on a CD.
    Now then....I don't think it would be unfair to say that you could have slipped some of the tracks from 'Art Pop' into 'Object 47' and few would have noticed the difference between the two bands.

    From the opening instrumental track it's clear that 'Landing' is a very different proposition altogether. Githead have really found their own sound and identity on this one. Malka takes the lead vocal on the majority of songs and the absence of Colin's distinctive voice frees the music from the obvious "Wire" associations, to good effect. This also frees Colin and Robin to weave guitar melodies around Malka's propulsive, Dubby Bass and Max's Motorik drums.

    So far I particularly like 'Before Tommorow', the slow burning 'Ride' which has echoes of Sonic Youth and PiL, and the closing track 'Transmission Tower' which starts with an almost Robin-Guthrie like guitar figure and ends as a 'Pink Flag' style stomper.
    This is intelligent, textured and kinetic Pop Music which I hope gains an appreciative audience outside the world of "Wire". Hopefully Githead will do a few more live shows and achieve just that.
    Do you mind if we call you aRSe for short?

    Whose sound did Githead have before Landing?

    Does anyone prefer Githead to Wire?