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    might be due to the fact that i'm not an english native speaker, but i'm not sure i understand this last comment..
    Garrulous Gits: your one and only warning. Do NOT insult other forum members.
    Just digitally purchased 'Landing' (along with 'Art Pop' and the 'Githead EP') and have to say I'm enjoying them a lot. My initial impression was that 'Art Pop' was more immediate (starting hearing 'On Your Own' running through my head after two plays, 'Lifeloops' is gorgeous). 'Landing' needs a few more listens for familiarity but it does sound different, not better or worse.

    Seems funny to be wondering whether I prefer Wire or Githead though... not the same but different you see. Malka's bass playing is a lot different to Graham's. There's bound to be similarities (both drums don't really use cymbals... does that count? ;)
    Just to clarify, I wasn't implying that Githead sounding like a Wire or Colin Newman record was a bad thing.

    I was making the point that the earlier Githead material sounded quite similar to bits of Object 47 or Send. (Obviously recorded and mixed by Colin so it's inevitable I suppose)

    I am pretty sure the intention was that Githead should stand alone and be something distinct from Wire or a Colin Solo piece, which I think they've achieved to great effect on the new is very much the sum of it's parts this time. Maybe Colin could correct me on that one if I'm speaking out of turn.
    i don't think Githead sound that much like Wire, but i think some parts of the last Wire sound a bit like Githead.
    ...and that's why I don't like it.
    I thought B. Hell - oh oops, sorry, I mean, uh... Garrulous Gits - was past the one warning stage?

    Previous account was banned. This one gets one chance and that's it.
    seems fair.
    Interesting new interview with Colin and Malka, by Wilson Neate here:

    Discusses the different M.O. of each band and also hints further that the next Wire record will be less cut & paste and more 'people in a room' based.
    According to "Stool Pigeon"
    The heart of the band is two people who sleep together.
    They might sound arrogant.
    They're trying to make contemporary music.
    They don't want to sound like anyone else.
    They're all morons.
    They will be touring with LoneLady in the new year.

    Funny how it was OK for Freakbag to insult all Orientals and R Swimmer to insult me, but I don't believe in banning things because it doesn't work and it only leads to fascistic hypocrisy.
    I don't recall insulting you on this forum but you obviously have a problem with me. I'm sorry for whatever I may have said that you found insulting. Can we leave it at that?
    Funny, I always thought the use of "Oriental" as a noun was insulting.
    "Funny how it was OK for Freakbag to insult all Orientals and R Swimmer to insult me, but I don't believe in banning things because it doesn't work and it only leads to fascistic hypocrisy"

    Don't push it. You are literally the only person posting on this forum that I've had complaints about since we revamped, and it's not like it was just one or two complaints either. I don't have a problem with you posting here in general, and while I find overposting irksome, every forum has at least one person who posts a crazy amount. But it is not acceptable to overstep the line as you did on several occasions under the B. Hell moniker.

    As for your other comments, I did not see Freakbag's post, nor R Swimmer's. However, it wouldn't entirely shock me to discover R Swimmer's comment as being reactive, whereas many of yours were not.

    Anyway, let's all just draw a line.
    And let us hope Wire themselves can "draw a line in the sand" re:"arsehole managers" as the songs about them are getting a bit tedious sub jew der sea or not.

    I rcall being described as a 'reactionary gobshite' by R Swimmer and think that using a number as a nmae is insulting. Are you a robot?

    I'd like the Githead album more if all Colin Newman's vocals were erased!
    They'd all sound just fine as instrumentals.
    Also Githead! No more songs about Colin's email, please!

    Malks'a vocals are much better
    wah, wah, wah. i see mr swell has appointed himself head of the pc police.

    my post using the word "gooks" was meant to be taken as absurdist nonsense in response to your absurdist nonsense. it was akin to perhaps a hunter s. thompson rant, or more contemporaneously a rapper using the words 'bitch', 'ho', or 'nigga'. suffice to say it wasn't meant to taken seriously, but rather to point out that the U.S. wasn't the only country to have used WMDs as you insisted, but that Dresden was firebombed by the RAF in WW2 resulting in just as many casualties and near obliteration of the city as well.

    you're not being "censored" for the content or substance of what you write (which doesn't amount to much anyway in my view)
    but you were banned for your personal digs at other members. simple.
    Sense cannot be made it can only be sensed.
    Bombing of Hamburg terminated more Germans (or would krauts be more amusing?) than Dresden.

    So offering to waterboard me in Traflagar Square was supposed to be funny too?

    At least Hunter S. Thompson was occassionally funny!

    Back on topic:
    Anyone bother to go see Githead last night?
    don't know if krauts would be more amusing than germans, but krautrock definitely sounds better than germanrock.
    You're right It sounds better, and its certainly faster than saying "1970s German Rock that is a bit like Prog Rock but more trancey and without the Goblins and Gnomes". but I've never liked the term. There should be a better name for it.

    I think it's a bit of 1970s British music press joke that seems to have stuck, so that Julian Cope did a book called Krautrocksampler and there was a documentary about 'Krautrock', and there are 'Krautrock' sections in record shops and webshops. The Githead press for this new one talks about the early stuff being "Krautrock-infused".
    I've German pals who don't like it either but we all use it, and it's been used for so long and nobody seems to have come up with anything to replace it. 'Japrock' sounds a bit iffy to me too but I suppose its only like saying 'Britpop'.

    p.s. note to G Gits/Aka B Hell...It was you who called me a Reactionary Gobshite actually but I'm over it. I've been called worse and so have you.
    I thought the proper term was "Motorik" as coined by Dinger.