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    I would say "Motorik" refers more to the typical Neu! and L.A. Düsseldorf rhythm as used in songs like Hallogallo and several others. But under the name "Krautrock" people file many bands that don't really use that "Motorik" thing (and btw bands that don't really have that much in common musically) such as: agitation free, ash ra tempel, amon düül, cluster, guru guru, popol vuh etc.
    Dinger didn't coin the term Motorik.

    He referred to the Neu rhythm as 'Apache Beat'

    How about a U.S.A. gig or 2? You know you want 2.
    Would love to see Githead come to Atlanta. Enjoyed the Wire gig here last year, hopefully the grits haven't scared Colin off of coming back.
    Did I hear Marc Riley say there's a 6Music session coming up soon ?
    Yes, Githead will be making it's BBC live debut the 16th December on Marc Riley's 6 Music show. The band is scheduled to play 4 songs on the show which is broadcast between 19:00 & 21:00.
    I've never really given Githead much thought, they've just kind of passed me by not for any kind of artistic or taste reasons, I've just never really got round to listening. After reading all the above it's pricked my interest, I think I shall ne investing a bit of cash in Mr Newman's direction.
    Listening to Githead right now.
    Ok, after hours of extensive research ie a quick look on iTunes, I need to know where's a good place to start with Githead? Recommendations?
    All the albums are worth a punt but I think the new one, Landing, is their best one.

    More info here, and you can also buy the mp3 or flac albums direct from Githead.
    @Slim—If you've a Spotify account, I think Githead's on there. The band progresses quite nicely, and so starting with Headgit and working your way forward would be a good idea, assuming you like whatever you've heard so far.
    did anyone get that video download to work off that last githead mail out? i've tried on a couple of machines but can't even get to watch it let alone download it. i have a reasonable broadband connection so i doubt that's the issue (?)

    thought the R6 session sounded great , the guitar sound was superb. p

    Landing has been chosen by Alan Cross as one of the best of 2009 in his column for Metro News.

    To quote:

    Landing, Githead (Nov. 10): Surely the greatest album of 2009 that no one’s heard. Featuring Colin Newman of Wire, the album harkens back to the post-punk art-rock of the late 70s.

    Well, I'm not a no one, and his assessment is off the mark, nevertheless a solid best of choice. 8-D

    Too late to catch this on iPlayer so did anyone manage to record the 6 Music session and if so can they upload & share?
    Snagged it off dimeadozen:
    Many thanks to the good doctor.
    I'm sure Craig can remove this link should the Gitterband or the British Bucket Company object.
    Doesn't bother me. Colin can set fire to your post if it makes him angry.

    Anyone else think Githead are channeling Stereolab on the Riley version of Take Off?
    I think they're both channeling Neu!

    I was a bit slow off the mark getting Landing, but I like it a lot.

    Straight in at number 6 in my end of yr lists!!
    For anyone that may be interested, the march issue of Computer Music features a 4 page interview with " high-brow supergroup " Githead. Talking mainly to Robin and Colin about the (pro) tools that they use, software/hardware effects, future projects ( "Colin, meanwhile, is starting work on the next Wire album...") and so on.

    Githead, though, don't get a mention on the front cover and the reason i picked it up is because there is a "Get started" guide for Max For Live also in this months edition.