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    A Terrific but intriguing show tonight in Manchester tonight with lots of surprises.

    Not completely sold out, but not far off, and a very attentive audience who were a mixture of long term fans and clued up younger folk..biggest cheers of recognition were for the Red Barked Tree songs I noticed. There was no-one shouting for 12XU or 'I am The Fly' or attempting to Pogo like it's 1977 which is just as well as that was definitely not on the agenda tonight. This is a good thing, and Wire definitely felt like a going concern with something relevant to contribute to 2011. This was not a nostalgia trip.

    I'm not going to reveal the set list, since this is only the 2nd date of this autumn leg of the tour most of you won't have seen the new set yet...

    I'll just throw out these clues (and I guess some of this may change over the next few dates)

    1. Things got off to a slow start, get progressively faster, and end very very loud.

    2. There were songs that are either new, or newly re-interpreted, or haven't been played in a long long time.

    3. One song was played twice during the very different versions.

    4. Colin's iPad isn't just for reading Lyrics from.

    If you're going to see them on this tour have fun, and expect the unexpected!
    sounds similar to the brum set from tuesday , also a good crowd and a very intriguing set that went down well. i'm also goign to go to the bristol show , can't wait for that......
    Intriguing indeed. I await Wednesday evening with bated breath!
    Two tours in a year? They’re spoiling us! This, however, was a very different set from the Roadhouse gig earlier this year as this Academy 3 date saw Wire getting back to being a more cantankerous, bloody-minded band after having played almost crowd pleasing sets in recent times. And they didn’t exactly go overboard in promoting this year’s excellent, Red Burnt Tree album!

    I wasn’t, however, quite so taken as R Swimmer.

    It was a low key start but I liked Graham’s bubbling bassline. He didn’t seem happy though, appearing troubled by his amp for much of the early part of the show.

    As R Swimmer said, there was much either old re-worked stuff or new material. It was like guess the tune! Anyway, there was one that opened with power chords, a shoe-gazey one and a number that actually sounded a bit 60’s, like some post-punk Shadows or something which resulted in me asking R Swimmer when Wire were coming on!

    The tracks from Red Barked Tree went down well and provided some of the highlights for me, although Adapt, which I love on record, sounds a bit dirgey live IMO. There was also the odd old fave – without giving too much away I will say Two People In A Room is still in the set and they played a real barnstorming version of it. I love the way they keep hanging on one note before eventually moving on!

    The first encore was excellent. The second less so. I liked the fact they played an unexpected set, but I think the more esoteric Wire numbers work better on record than they do live. So in a nutshell, it had its moments, but the word the kept coming to mind afterwards was ‘uneven’.
    by the way - any support?
    "there was much either old re-worked stuff or new material. It was like guess the tune! Anyway, there was one that opened with power chords, a shoe-gazey one and a number that actually sounded a bit 60’s, like some post-punk Shadows or something which resulted in me asking R Swimmer when Wire were coming on!"

    It'd be great if some of these *are* new. That's how RBT arrived, kind of like the Wire of old, debuting new material before it was recorded. Fantastic if the band's continuing to write/hone new material.
    It was bloody fantastic, a real "fan's" set list (the kind of thing I was pleased by anyway!). I was especially pleased by the one they played twice, great to hear the less common version.

    I felt the weakest stuff on the set was the RBT tracks really - Adapt and Clay have never sounded great live to me to be honest.

    It was fantastic to see Graham's bought a Monotron (the little black box with a lead running out the back he picked up occasionally) - an amazing analog synth that makes really great tones. That's what most of the noise on his end was, I'm fairly sure.

    It was very very good basically.
    Birmingham, the night before, just showed up on Dime a Dozen:

    A real "holy crap" first third of the set list.
    Cheers Dr.M

    I stand corrected having looked at the set list as it seems there were no new ones. I thought there might have been maybe one new song, but I was did seem naggingly familiar albeit radically reworked.

    Keith clearly hadn't done his Wire Nerd Studies revision before the show. Tut tut, see me after class! I might have to write a letter home ;)

    Mixtil, I thought it was a Monotron that Graham was playing, thanks for confirming. Strange little device, I saw one in a shop the other day and couldn't believe how tiny it was.
    Garage band, yes support came from a band called Talk Normal. A female duo, drummer and guitarist with both doing vocals. Minimalist drone rock, kind of a Krautrock/No Wave edge...percussive and energetic.

    I've just found out one of them is called Sarah Register..what an ace name!
    i remember graham had told me some months ago that he has a monotron. i have one too but haven't figured out yet how to use it seriously, so i'm curious to see what he's doing with it.
    You got the setlist handy, R Swimmer?

    I'll concede I've not played Document & Eyewitness in a long time, but there were 2-3 that didn't sound remotely familiar to my ears. I'll dig it out!
    Having seen the set-list now, well I genuinely laughed at that one. Another very Wire move, to start playing live that material.
    "Another very Wire move, to start playing live that material"

    Well - a typical Wire move was to play tracks from the next album. And according to the interview I did with Colin in August - the next album looks likely to be a reissue/revamp of D & E.....
    The typical Wire move is really the unexpected: play the next album to support the existing one; go vaguely performance art instead of wooing record labels; go year-zero; do a retrospective, against all existing thoughts of what Wire can and would do; and so on. Therefore rebuilding the fourth Wire album that never was is very much a Wire move!
    Doh! Keith!!! I did say 'no spoilers'! Not easy to keep a surprise on the internet is it.
    Not sure about the protocol - never been to a gig or contributed to a forum where I'm not allowed to reveal what's been played, so here goes: enter at your own risk:


    Just back from the Glasgow gig - a total revelation. Wasn't even going to go, despite the fact Wire were playing barely a mile from my house: I'm getting on, money's tight and I figured I'd seen them this tour already (King Tuts in February). Wont do that again - if I hadn't gone, I'd have missed the best theyve been in 20 years since the First Letter gig at the Mean Fiddler. Seriously, they were that good.

    Couple of chaps with us tonight who stopped listening after 154 and I had real concerns for their enjoyment - this was a tough sell. To underline what Keith and R have said above, it's a real crate-diggers set, this. To my ears, only two tunes off Red Barked Tree and loads of stuff I'd either never heard them play before, or just never heard. Fucking hell - 5/10! Sorry if I'm spoiling anyone's future fun (you were warned above, remember) but that made me squeal like a pig under a gate.

    Not sure what gigs are left, but anyone in two minds, don't even hesitate. Light years better than the first leg of the tour. I think I've fallen in love all over again.

    Oh aye, Talk Normal are terrible, though.
    Great, glad you enjoyed the show Dr Up!

    Haha I don't make the rules (that's Craig's job)! , but I really enjoyed the element of surprise at my gig so I was just adding the spoiler alert so others who haven't seen the show could enjoy the surprise too.

    I will say this. If anyone wants to do their homework before the show..there is another LP you need to brush up on as well as 'that one'.
    Some pics from Glasgow

    Fine show, very different to the King Tut's one back in February. & The Black Sessions to listen to today. Nice.
    Oi! I posted a far more comprehensive report on another list and deleted most of the titles from what I posted here because of your demands, Swimmer! ; )

    Wasn't keen on Talk Normal either. Apart from the one near the end with the Sonic Youth guitar and the glam beat.