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    Really enjoyed last nights gig in Glasgow as well. Great wee spot we had at the front. Enjoyed this gig a lot more than King Tuts earlier in the year. Met some guy from Edinburgh who has over 100 live WIRE gigs on CD & has kindly offered to burn as many as I want for me!! Now I have to scour the missus handbag to find his e-mail addie!! lol.
    <<But it wasn't until the Wire fans started showing up that the fun began. Let me begin with Graham's explanation to us that their crowd in many countries (like the US and Japan) is a bit younger and "artier", but that here in the UK, it's much more punk. Now combine that with the average age of their fan base (mid-fifties) and I got a quick glimpse of what my future will be – an awesome dad/grandpa. That said, the crowd was – not surprisingly – about 95% middle-aged males, with the other 5% consisting of wives and/or sons (which I thought was rad – imagine if going to a show with your dad meant going to see Wire).>>
    Biccio and R Swimmer, I just use a monotron for pulses and kind of dissonant blasts. You can't really play it as a tuned instrument (the "keys" are too tiny). Works a treat.
    Despite the writer of that Talk Normal blog (presumably he's their Roadie/driver) thinking the average age of the Wire crowd was Mid-fifties (cheeky sod!) that's quite an interesting angle on the tour...the support band's view from the back of a rented van/Travel-lodge.

    Wire are all vegetarians! Who knew?
    Was it just me, or was the sound at Glasgow really bad. The bass was very boomy and when things got lively , eg on 2 people in a room, you just couldn't hear any difference between the 2 guitars. So much so that I thought there were a lot of new songs rather than reworkings.
    Why doesnt someone start a new thread for set lists only. So for those of us who want to know what they did can go there.