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    seeing as there's at least one guy from the website on here & the band pop in on occasion, i thought i'd ask.....

    are any of the pics available to purchase as good quality prints? if reasonably priced i, & i'm sure others, would be interested. When i first came across this site last year sometime, i seem to remember that the gallery contained some pics (on & off stage) from very early (late 70's) Wire. why have they been deleted? or did i just imagine them?
    I don't recall nuking any '70s Wire pics, although a few post-2000 ones were ditched in the recent gallery update. In the not-too-distant, the gallery's going to be reworked anyway, with gig-specific galleries linked from a central page and the relevant gigography entry.

    As for prints, I've no idea. I suspect there might be rights issues with most images, so I'll leave Colin to answer that.
    I have various post 2000 gigs on Flickr of variable quality as some were shot on automatic cameras, disposable cameras, digital and film SLR (Glasgow - which would be the strongest set photographically):

    HQ Dublin February 2000

    RFH London February 200

    Garage London May 2000

    Bruce & co. Dublin February 2002

    Concorde 2 Brighton November 2002

    flag:burning Barbican London April 2003

    Triptych Festival Glasgow April 2004

    There is also The Ideal Copy, a pool on Flickr, for Wire photos, administered by Mark McQuitty (who got some great shots at Manchester).

    I also recently started a pool on Flickr, called The Action Is Frozen as a place where people could post images in response to/inspired by Wire music/titles/lyrics/atmospheres.
    Cheers Fergus.

    This made me laugh...

    'Graham wears a pair of pints'
    Yeah it's a bit Withnail that... "a quadruple whisky and a pair of pints please!!" "We want the finest wines available to humanity !!" etc., etc.