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    Has anyone else noticed that Wire's career seems to be following a similar trajectory to that of Brian Wilson in recent years?

    The concept of playing entire albums live seemed to start with Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds.

    One of the next to do this were Wire when they performed Pink Flag in its entirety at the Barbican.

    Some years later, Wilson re-worked the famous unfinished Beach Boys LP, Smile.

    Now there is speculation that Wire are going back to record their 'lost' 4th LP.

    All well and good so far, but I'm concerned we may have Wire-do-Gershwin and Disney sets to look forward to in the coming years.

    ; )

    Can't wait for versions of Bare Necessities, Whistle While You Work and Feed The Birds!

    maybe, but let's hope that if one of 'the boys' suffer a stroke, they realise that they can't perfom any more & call it quits before they embaress themselves!
    Bare Necessities would be fab!
    I've never watched children in need or donated a penny (probably because I'm 'orrible) but Wire and Pudsey doing The Bare Necessities on children in need next year...that I'd pay good money for.
    Brian Wilson hasn't suffered a stroke. The jury's out but most agree it's either the vast quantities of Bugle, speed, dope, LSD, beers, fags and burgers that he spent most of the late 60s-early 80s necking with great enthusiasm, or the numerous prescription medications prescribed to him over the years to get him on an even keel...probably a combination of both.

    Personally I think the old boy ought to retire from live performance, he's hinted several times that he wants to quit and he looks knackered. I'm a fan, and the Pet Sounds show was magnificent. That was many moons ago now and I don't really want to see him putting himself through it now. Even in the days of vastly reduced revenues from CDs/Downloads I'm sure the Wilson back catalogue brings enough shekels in make a decent pension fund so I can't believe *he* needs the money. Unfortunately, he's spent most of his life being a meal ticket for an awful lot of people and too many have a vested interest in hauling the poor bugger in front of the old Yamaha for yet another burst of Fun Fun Fun.

    There is even a threat of the Beach Boys having a ceasefire on sending lawsuits pinging back and forth across LA long enough to do some re-union gigs. Wilson has claimed he's not doing it, although he has a habit of "changing his mind".
    Mind you, have you seen Mike Love these days? He's had a bit of work done..looks like he's walking into a strong wind.
    A couple of months after Brian Wilson said "I don't really like working with the guys, but it all depends on how we feel and how much money's involved. Money's not the only reason I made records, but it does hold a place in our lives," the Beach Boys reformation is happening. "This anniversary is special to me because I miss the boys and it will be a thrill for me to make a new record and be on stage with them again," he now says. No mention of how big the cheque is, mind!