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    Wow! Wire were bang on the money in Liverpool tonight. The Manchester gig didn’t really happen for me, but this more than made up for it. Graham in particular really seemed up for it – even when they were setting up beforehand he looked like he was having a good time as he bobbed up and down to the record that was playing (See Emily Play seeing as you ask!). And he barely stood still all gig!

    They opened with Ally In Exile, which seemed an altogether better place to start than 5/10. Otherwise, the set was pretty much the same as the Manchester gig, although Boiling Boy came in the main set rather than an encore and there was no Lorries. Hilites? Well, too many really but I will single out Please Take with Graham in fine voice and Boiling Boy with Colin really forcing the issue in the middle bit where they step up a gear and Robert starts pounding. And I thought the version of Drill was miles better than it was the other week. Actually, everything sounded much better! This gig was in a totally different class as far as I’m concerned.

    There were a couple of shouts for 12XU which got withering looks and sarcastic responses from Graham. I may be mistaken but I’m sure there was a quick smile on Colin’s face at the request for Bear Necessities!

    Colin didn’t talk much, but when they returned for the encore, Graham dedicated it to Roger Eagle for giving people the ‘chance to fly’. They played 5/10 and Underwater Experience which may seem like an unlikely encore on the face of it, but it worked. I’m still not sure that Adapt is the right number to start a second encore, but it sounded better live tonight. Pink Flag ended the gig with swirling noises replacing the punkoid beat quite early on. Even the noises were better tonight! I've mentioned everyone else so this seems as good a place as any to give Matt a mention. Not just his playing which was spot on, but he got some great noises out of his pedals!

    So, a really great gig tonight which was just as well seeing as it’s thirty odd years since they last played Liverpool! I’m not sure anything is worth that kind of wait, but this was so good I’d say it was quite possibly my favourite Wire performance since the Brighton one 8-9 years ago.

    Ally In Exile
    Another The Letter
    The Spare One
    B/W Silence
    Please Take
    Part Of Our History
    Map Ref
    Boiling Boy
    Witness To The Fact
    Two People


    Glad you enjoyed it Keith, having seen the Leeds gig I think the sound mix was a bit iffy at the show we saw in Manchester, so it's good that you had another go at this one! As you've said, Ally in Exile is a much better opener, and 5/10 benefits hugely from being placed much later in the set.

    Is this from an actual set list taken from the gig?

    What is 'B/W Silence' I wonder? The new name for 'Lorries'? Perhaps to distinguish from Colin's solo version?

    Speaking of which:

    Presumably 'Deeper' refers to the slow version of Underwater Experiences? (Deeper Underwater?)
    Yes, this is from the set-list.

    I dunno what B/W Silence refers to. Tried racking my brains as to what else they did in case it was something with a different title. You're right re Deeper. They definitely didn't play Lorries though!

    (Good footage that btw. Seen it before but well worth seeing again)
    The first verse of Lorries is:

    I'm mourning the passing of a moment
    In black and white silence, uneasily I slept
    I cannot forgive your tears as an answer
    Or is this an excuse for your selfishness?
    Right! That makes sense.

    Looks like your roving reporter has let you down then!
    'Lorries' used to appear on ancient bootlegs as "I wanted to go"