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    Surprise gig on Thelka last night. Being a nautical soul a gig on a boat was as good as it gets. I even took the wife who is not a Wire fan but has silently suffered a number of Wire gigs over the years. The boat was in need of a re-fit – down on the performance deck it was a little tired and somewhat smelly , hey ho a fourth pint of beer will numb the senses me thinks. Bang !. The band come on, obviously inspired by the nautical surrounding, the rotten smell of sea air, stale beer and flatulence. GL still has the silly hat on that we first saw him wearing in the Chinese restaurant before the Bristol Fleece gig earlier in the year. This time we expect he had a burger before kick off as the trail of mayonnaise was clear to see dribbling down his black t-shirt. CN wore several layers of Damart long jons and remarked he was a little cold. RB bolt upright at his kit was ready and primed. The new long haired fella cracked a smile, nervy perhaps, I expect this was his first time on a boat.
    Anyways 1st Up – The band all put on life jackets and went into a surprise and colossal rendition of Our Swimmer “To swim and to swim”. CN ending to a chorus of his own hand swimming motions. Good starters we thinks. Then a real surprise “ Life on Deck” from A-Z. Crashing guitars and howling from all the crew. This is great we thinks. “ Welcome-Welcome” shouts someone in the crowd – GL fronts the stage and perhaps a little peckish still?, he hails a Wired up version of “Skip the Sausage”. Jesus this is amazing , even the wife is toe tapping. The next tracks were a dream set of Serious of Snakes, Dot Dash, Children of Groceries, You hung your lights in the trees and Ticking Mouth. Super stuff from the band. Slowing it down a bit they did that Manscape era mixed up Kidney Bingos and Eardrum Buzz thing that was a little tired to my ear. The gig ended in a brill rendition of Footsi Footsi. The band came back on naturally and played a couple of new poppy tracks that went down a storm. The night ended with a stinging and whirlling Sand in My Joints !. Superb night had by one and all.

    Erm.....bit of a radical departure from the other November sets - can anyone back this up?????
    i doubt it! does this mark the return of Mr G in another guise? If not welcome-welcome to an interesting new member!
    Email address in the admin area suggests otherwise, but I'll keep an eye out.
    very interesting setlist...from what i was told what they really played was basically the same we know from other November gigs, but who knows, maybe i was given the wrong info...
    The OP is making it up, for whatever reason. Or delusional. There is no way in hell we'll hear Wire playing Manscape material live any time soon.
    "There is no way in hell we'll hear Wire playing Manscape material live any time soon." Shame!
    No mystery here: Horatio is evidently someone with a sizeable knowledge of Wire's output, a healthy sense of humour and a bit of time on his hands. That's no bad thing is it? (Bloody good set list, even if fictional..)
    Markem: Thanks youd be about right.

    No offence intended - just a little off the wall account of a "perhaps" gig.

    The lastest gig was not quite on par with the Flease gig earlier in the year but i always enjoy a Wire gig and have traveled quite some distances to get to them over the years. The D@EW revival and talk of a "may-be's" reinvention of the material does little for me tbh. If i see a fridge on stage at a future gig i'll freeze.

    • CommentAuthorcw says...
    • (CommentTimeDec 4th 2011)
    The Fleece gig was exceptional, however. Streets ahead of The Lexington and November's Brighton Gig.

    The timing of the alarm/blackout was unbelievable.

    Best part of that set was Red Barked Trees, which was a psychedelic tour de force.
    Nope. OP is correct! I was there also. They played a lot of Red Barked Tree stuff (no surprise), but they also played a significant amount 85-90 material as well as some songs from Document and Eyewitness. Was a really interesting set-list. And be assured the new live versions were a lot better than the original studio recordings (something which always put me off the 85-90 period)

    I honestly had no idea what some of these songs were when they opened with Ally In Exile: