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    Wow !
    I haven't managed to see the lads since the " Beat Combo " years and they didn't disappoint, they were amazing.
    The set list was
    Ally In Exile
    Another The Letter
    The Spare One
    B/W Silence ( I Wanted To Go / Lorries ? )
    Please Take
    Part Of Our History
    Map Ref
    Boiling Boy
    Witness To The Fact
    Two People

    !st Encore -5/10
    Underwater Experiences

    2nd Encore - Adapt
    Pink Flag

    Couldn't believe the setlist was mostly from Doc & Eyewitness ! This is probably old news to y'all but I haven't been on the site for a while due to new sprog and the sleep deprivation that comes with it. The Black Session cd is a beast as well.
    If the boys are reading this or if somebody could pass the message on to them - Thank you for coming to Exeter and please come back soon.
    "Deeper" is the "Behind The Curtain" version of "Underwater Experiences"
    If Wire does continue with D&E-era stuff, I'm really hoping Relationship gets resurrected—one of my faves from that period (along with Witness to the Fact, which already sounds great, judging by the YouTube vids).
    I'd love to hear Safe again, Witness was great last night and opening with Ally, well you could have knocked me down with a feather ( possibly ).
    Yes - last night was superb wasn't it? Really good feeling in the crowd at the front too. So glad they came to the Phoenix- - the sound was crisp (to my ears anyway) and there was a genuine warmth coming from the stage. I remember listening over and over to those Notre Dame tracks from D & E on vinyl back in the early 80s and, like everyone who's been contributing here recently, never thought I'd hear 'Witness' live. Well, isn't life sweet?!
    Echoing Spoiler's comment - come back to Exeter soon please! There'll be at least two of us there!!
    If we're doing D&E requests, can I put in a bid for 'Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars)', which is majestic, has a totally addictive rhythm and is more of an instrumental with vocals consisting of wails,shrieks and what sounds quite close to gibberish from Colin and Graham. An epic achievement. Just makes me want to pogo.


    PS Just read the lyrics for it they are:

    "Oh, retract, retract
    To an area filled with me

    Keep strumming those f——ing guitars!"

    So that's what they're saying. Possibly wire's maddest and best track.
    Eels sang lino would also be nice to hear in Sheffield....;)
    "If we're doing D&E requests, can I put in a bid for 'Piano Tuner (Keep Strumming Those Guitars)'"

    Seconded. Colin even grudgingly admitted when I spoke to him one time that this track wasn't awful, although he did wryly point out that it "wasn't really anything more than a riff".
    Always thought the really 'art' tracks like Piano Tuner, Eels Sang Lino, ZEGK HOQP are "album 5" tracks!

    Now there's a project...Wire's 1982 fifth album ;-)