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    I don't know about a Magazine reunion...McGeoch made that band for me, at least.
    i think this band'll get a few nods of approval from a few PinkFlaggers. The Black Angels - check 'em oot!!
    pretty cool. i dig stuff like this. i'd like to check out their live set. very heavy BJM influence.

    very happy to report the DAMNED will be on tour again soon. UK, then US tour late fall.

    The Damned? just WHEN will they give it up!??!?! i always thought of them as a joke band! what's the line-up this time?
    bjm=brian jonestown massacre

    the damned, so they're a bit eccentric, what's wrong with that? at least they don't take themselves as seriously as lydon with his "proper respect" and all THAT silliness! capt sensible and of course dave vanian. he's a lifer.
    I last saw The Damned a year or so ago. A very enjoyable night it was too.
    Fleet Foxes
    I like Ian Dury too.
    excellent keith, thanks for that review. they were the first punk band that i saw from england (78 79?). their early stuff is great, and mid period Damned are are not bad either. i quite like DV's singing and it's always worth the price of admission to hear the Capt play guitar.
    I'm sorry, I listen to a lot of stuff no one mentions besides the stuff everyone's mentioned - I've been anywhere from 80s hair metal (you gotta love a cheesy power ballad) to 77 punk to SKA to Eagles to Il Nino, Avenged 7Fold and Slipknot, to Yellowcard to Surf Punk to Green Day - I thought the American Idiot album was a musical story telling masterpiece right up there with Desperado - you have to listen to every song and see how it all connects and you can follow the story, a story I've seen in real life many times - not many achieve it although so many have tried - I don't know, I'm all over the place - I think Joey Jordison is one of the all time great drummers and I'll listen to almost anything Corey Taylor does as another project - it's all not very Wire, and I still have my deep and abiding love for others like Buzzcocks, Jam, Clash, Pistols, Pegboy and Naked Raygun, Rancid, Dropkicks, Social Distortion, etc but that's just the way it is with me

    I did see Blondie this summer - Deb Harry still rocks out
    didn't really care for American Idiot, tho it was big with u.s. teenagers. nice concept but sonically it didn't do anything for me. much better i thought was Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. i also prefer Rancid (possibly the most tuneful punk band
    out there) over GD. not a big Blondie fan tho they do write some very catchy songs and yeah Deb can still rock it. saw them do
    a short set 2 years ago for a benefit to save CBGBs. did a very impressive "rip her to shreds". Buzzocks are a great. like the
    Vibrators too. first album anyway. Television is a big guitar fave of mine, Tom Verlaine is brilliant. top notch live act tho they perform very infrequently.
    well, it's easy to put it down because of that, I think teenagers got the first song and rallied to it but a lot of them won't get the full message of the album until they've been out and lived it - at any rate, teenagers have the energy to effect change - maybe they're not older and wiser, but I can't forget the Ramones and Pistols were doing their first shows while I was in HS and Buzzcocks on my 18th birthday - if I were going to put it down as teenager music I'd have to rethink my whole music agenda :-)

    I still have that Vibrators first album - although, like so many others it's mashed into a block with many of my other albums that got caught in a basement flood and all dused together - didn't have the heart to get rid of it though - something symbolic and artsy about blocks of bonded paper with bits of vinyl sticking out here and there

    Rancid, they get me moving like no one else, I can't sit still - my daughter's first official show was Rancid, I took her
    not 'putting down' American Idiot because it appealed to teenagers. just sayin it was HUGE in that demographic. GD has some
    good songs but they're just not big on my playlist. alternately Black Parade was a big teen hit at about the same time and i like
    a lot. nice balance of punk, pop, and goth.
    I wasn't pointing fingers, it was more of a broad statement that it is easy to do for that reason - I think a lot of people never gave it even a solid listen before coming to that conclusion because of it, young adults and old - and that I think is a shame - because if we look at it, teens are where pretty much everyone starts - they begin as teens, as they get more widely known it's teens who pick up on it and have the time and energy to rally to it

    but like Simpsons, Family Guy, and some others make us aware that all cartoons aren't really for kids, so it is with the message in the music even though it's kids who are consuming it - I think as we get older we tend to write that off more and more even though the message is really more for us because they've been growning up too - I think that's true of all of us and why I included myself in needing to be reminded of it

    American Idiot I found extremely interesting because of the stretches in the music - for example, they make coming back to the Barrio feel like conquering heroes coming home in tall ships from the high seas - it was musical genius that conveys action and a very musically and lyrically diverse grown up Green Day

    anyway, I wasn't comparing it to anything just commenting since I'd mentioned Green Day as a band I listen to
    American Idiot does have some nice passages. and i like the last song the best "whatsername", about a broken relationship. very catchy. but for me the whole thing was a little bit overwrought. and to refute your argument about teens, i was turned on to MCR's Black Parade by my 16 year old niece. and don't necessarily think that all the new stuff comes from kids nowadays (much of it of course, but
    not all of it). lou reed, neil young, wire, bowie for example have consistently produce new, interesting work. once again it's a question of demographics. back in the 60's and early 70's Rock was still consider a Fad, Exclusive to an audience , primarily, under 30. now, today, the audience is wide open in terms of age and indeed the people who are still making music. Chuck Berry is in his 70's and still doing gigs.

    so, while i don't have a bias toward younger bands or artists, there may be some truth that SOME older folks do harbor a bit of prejudice.
    for me as i get older the fun part is about finding what's new and fun and strange and cool sounding. i'm currently digging Animal Collective, a band that makes sonic collages of sound, rather than trad pop/rock music. also the all instrumental stuff that lou reed and john zorn have been doing of late. noisy, raw, abrasive.
    "for me as i get older the fun part is about finding what's new and fun and strange and cool sounding"

    ditto - the day I lose that feeling is the day you should send me to the glue factory

    hehe, and now you're in it - but the people you mention still all started as youngsters and captivated a young generation then, they're not exactly the darlings of the teen crowd even if they are all making new music - they're the Sinatra and Martin of a later generation - the thing is, the generation gap gets smaller because we're all doing the same things we were doing then - unlike the dividing line between adults and teens in days gone by - you were expected to leave all that behind when you grew up - we're very fortunate that we've had the luxury of not having to, and so have those old farts you mentioned ;-)
    The Divine Comedy is okay.
    sure all those guys started when they were young, and i think they for a large part did some of their best work in their early years, as is often the case with musicians, unlike visual artists who peak much later in life, e.g., Picasso, Cezanne, Dekooning,
    Hans Hoffman to name a few. they (above mentioned) may not be the "darlings of the teen crowd", but still are Massively influential. I'd love to do a survey a see how many myspace bands mention the Velvet Underground as an influence! instant Coolness!
    Picasso peaked late in life? That is news. Many of those artists you mentioned just took a long time to get noticed. Early Picasso was amazing. He didn't really have any major success until his 40s. And he had a late great period, as did Matisse, that was totally different from his early work. Many people probably think WIRE since Send have been like this.
    i said much later in life,i.e. 50's, 60's. they all did Amazing work when they were young, but got even better as they got older. as opposed to musicians mentioned. Bowie and Reed haven't come close to their creative output in early to mid 70's. early works by the Kinks, Who, Pil, Stooges, Iggy, etc. would also fit into the category of great work when young, but creative output
    tapers off later in life. debatable but some think late work by Matisse (i am referring to his cut-outs and collage work) is his finest work. Josef Albers, the great colorist, didn't exhibit until he was 65 or so. i'm speaking in general terms, but yes, i think visual artists overall have continued to have highly creative outputs later in life, as opposed to musicians who do their best work when relatively young.