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    Last night I was a Viking and my new friends were Ravens.

    The Stranglers were awesome in Manchester, had a blast when I sang the intro to Nuclear Device before the encore and they came back on and kicked into

    First and last men walk ther Eart, but only a few can play four keyborads whilst supping a pint or three. Dave Greenfields backwards break in Nice'N'Sleazy alone was worth the admission!

    Must also mention my friends MUGSTAR from Liverpool who set Retrobar on fire on Bonfire Night. I'd already burnt my Sarah Palin effigy, but it was a damn fine way to end a night of noise courtesy of Ciaran and WotGodForgot. Stary Dog Cafe, Laymar and Blood Moon also impressed!

    Kristin Hersh has just put another excellent song up for down
    R.E.M, Nirvana and Foo Fighters don't get heavy rotation on my ipod but they do have some first rate material. nice mix of intelligent songwriting
    combined with bad-ass rock'n'roll.

    Bright Eyes (conor oberst) form omaha, nebraska has been compared to a young bob dylan. he jumps from folk to electronica and everything in between. great lyricist and highly listenable.

    Ray Davies (how often does he come around these days) is doing a short tour in the states. definitely worth checking out. i plan to see the show at the hammerstein ballroom in ny on dec. 12.

    also the Damned and NY Dolls playing NY shows last week dec. haven't seen the Damned in ages, though i've heard good things about their recent gigs. Dolls i've
    seen 3 times in the past couple of years and they've been tight as fuck every time!
    This'll make you laugh. Maybe.
    Re B.Hell's Stranglers comments above, Dave Greenfield was a massive hero of mine back in the late 70s. When other (longer haired) friends used to play 'air guitar', I was busy playing 'air Hammond organ' in time to Dave. Cringe!

    Anyone remember the mighty Monochrome Set?
    >>Bright Eyes (conor oberst) from omaha, nebraska has been compared to a young bob dylan<<
    He appears to be more prolific than Dylan was about this far into his career, and much more diverse, it would be hard for anyone to truly judge if they liked his music or not unless you 'give a spin' to at least 4-5 of his albums.
    I like the majority of his works, some of them are a bit too middle of the road for my taste, some of them are pure genius.
    Here's a link to one of his concerts which was a bit 'toned down' for the NPR listening public:
    Hell I loved Nirvana, saw those guys rock out six times !
    (Six Times is a Skids song and I like them too especially 'Circus Games').

    Bright Eyes is so drippy, I can't do with that!

    Gotta love Desire & Highway 61 Revisited two damn fine albums!
    Dylan is brilliant, his honk (voice) unbearable.

    Bright Eyes is one of the few artists i can listen to and not be offended by.
    I'm so fed up with all this freak folk/nu folk/alt-country/alt-folk.
    Everyone seems to have a plaid shirt, a beat up acoustic guitar, a beard with bits of veggie curry stuck in it, and a song to sing about a dog giving birth to pups or some such mawkish shite.
    I do wish more bands would look a bit further than Jethro Tull and Crosby Still and Nash for inspiration.
    Just because the Economy has gone back to 1973 does that mean the music has to as well?
    Dylan released a Hurricane in 1978
    There was no curry in the beard of ISIS!
    What the HELL is wrong with curry anyway?
    I love that shit!
    Well hell I shall jest big up
    as I enjoyed their opening set before Chris Brokaw and the New Year played Nottingham, where the streets have flooded...

    Is this the start of it all?
    Bright Eyes isn't a folkie, but some of his stuff does have a freaky vibe. Pete Seeger is a folkie, but not a freak. Pete is 89 and has a new record out: "at 89". Pete was the first person to petition the US Gov for environmental protection laws. BR references rock, electronica, and all kinds of shit. plus i like his singing voice. has a strange quality. and that's a good thing.
    Damn, tell Mr Seeger to phone up the hated Chinee they have some serious pollution epidemics looming...
    you're crazy. there's no pollution in china. that's a fabricated western conspiracy. (blame the CIA). the chinese are all happy shiny people. they're all about sugar cookies and rainbows.
    And cancer, two heads, mutation
    happy happy happy all of the time
    shock treatment they're doin' fine!

    They don't even work for 23 hours a day in hellholes to make gadgets for ASDA to sell to obese working class immigrant hating retards at bargain prices!
    "chinese rock" (ramones): back in the day (70's) more commonly as "china white": good quality dope that hasn't been stepped on 100 X:

    Somebody calls me on the phone
    Say hey-hey-hey is Dee Dee home
    You wanna take a walk
    You wanna go cop
    You wanna go get some Chinese rock

    I'm livin' on a Chinese rock
    All my best things are in hock
    I'm livin' on a Chinese rock
    Everything is in the pawn shop

    The plaster fallin' off the wall
    My girlfriend cryin' in the shower stall
    It's hot as a bitch
    I should've been rich
    But I'm just diggin' a Chinese ditch

    ..............which leads to the opium of the Rock masses:
    all you Guns 'N Roses fans (15 years too late?) IT has arrived:


    good review found on the bbc:
    —San Francisco Chronicle headline
    June 26, 1942

    Rommel is dead.
    His army has joined the quicksand legions
    of history where the battle is always
    a metal echo saluting a rusty shadow.
    His tanks are gone.
    How's your ass?

    --Richard Brautigan
    The guys who spent billions building the Large Hadron Collider have missed a trick. The smallest possible particle known to man is the one remaining brain-cell of the last remaining Guns & Roses fan who is still "eagerly awaiting" the release of 'Chinese Democracy'.
    ha, ha. but that's still one more brain cell than the average sex pistols fan. and they've been waiting 30+ years for some fresh
    material. or not? maybe they're quite content to hear uncle johnny slosh through the old stuff for the umpteenth time ?!
    ...but they all got cash from CHAOS!