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    Does anyone know anything about this site/'release'? They seem to sell music silly cheap and by the looks of it, bootlegs too?
    The bit rates look a tad on the low side.

    I used to be a member of legal sounds. It's some Russian site n is clealy a misnomer. However, everything I downloaded was fine. U just have to worry about the quality of the bootleg recording.
    i had downloaded this from somewhere (possibly from that ongakubaka blog when the download was still available) a few years ago. haven't listened to it for a while. some of the songs are also in behind the curtain. i like the early version of i should have known better / ignorance no plea.
    I've had a cassette copy of this for (ahem) "some time"... Sound quality is appalling throughout, but there are a handful of tracks unavailable elsewhere - including a fast (Pink Flag-style) demo of "French Film Blurred" which I've not found anywhere else - so it's worth a cursory listen.
    That link's still good. Thanks. I too had a tape of these around from the early '80's. This sounds better than my tape and as mentioned, there are some gems in there. Much of it is the same as 'Behind the Curtain' including IMHO the best recording of 'Two People in A Room' about. There's something about the essential riff behind that track that always seems to get lost in the mix in other versions and is as clear as one can hear on this one which sounds like a lo-fi version of the BTC track. 'I Should Have Known Better' is a very different beast to the 154 version, this one is grittier and more menacing and very good and different song. There does seem to be some variance from 'Behind the Curtain' in that a failrly poor version of 'Used to' is included and 'On Returning' is not on BTC and this version is different to the 154 one plus the already mentioned and funny 'French Film Blurred'.

    And the bizarre, pre-Chairs Missing-era version of "Indirect Enquiries", of course.
    This album was the first bootleg I ever bought. It turned up in a second hand record store in wellington New Zealand in the late 1980s I think. I bought the LP and its still prize of the pack. What is so funny was that it was hard enough to find official wire LPs here then, (I had to order them specially) let alone a bootleg like this.

    I still enjoy the version of Used To with a distinctive stalking bass- which never turned up on Behind the Curtain (strange as its quite different from the released version) and of course the faster original takes of the 154 songs such as I should have known better.
    Another Vinyl Bootleg has surfaced. This time it is seemingly a batch of only 30 produced.
    Picked it up last week.