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    Dunno if there are many other Tarwater fans here, but the intro to There Never Was A Night (from their latest LP, Inside The Ships) doesn't half remind me of Chairs Missing/154-era Wire.

    It'll be interesting to hear the results of Ronald Lippok contribution to Malka's next album, too!
    Definitely see where you're coming from Keith. I like a bit of Tarwater. I actually always thought that elements of their 70 Rupees To Paradise Road (less the vocals) on Dwellers On The Threshold had something of the Bruce Gilberts about it (AC Marias / Shivering Man Side 2)
    Yeah, there's definitely an influence isn't there?

    I like Dwellers... a lot, though I think my fave is probably Animals, Suns & Atoms. Early days with it so far, but the new one's not bad either.
    I think I tilt towards Dwellers... although All Of The Ants Left Paris was my first exposure when they showed the video on that late night prog they used to have on MTV, Alternative Nation or whatever it was called.

    I do like Tarwater, though there's a fair bit of their stuff I've not acquired. Last one I picked up was Needle Was Travelling, to which I didn't warm, but which has grown