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    Idly driving into work with the radio on and I heard this ditty from Delilah called Love you so which is getting a New Year push.

    The rather odd string arrangement seemed somewhat familiar and stuck in my mind until it clicked...Wire's Where's the Deputation from Manscape.

    I've also loved this track although I accept I may be in minority but it's the discordant backing sounds that always intrigued me. And Delilah's producer?
    That song doesn't remind me of "Where's The Deputation?" at all but she appears to have recorded in RAK studio and, according to Wikipedia, she was born in late-1990, so maybe Delilah is the reincarnation of the Manscape album.
    Hmm, maybe/maybe not! strings are certainly the best thing on the Delilah track tho but! Eevrything about Manscape is wonderful!!!!