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    Maybe it's just me but for the last 33 years I always thought The Cravats were what Peelie used to put on between the good tracks to irritate us. They certainly irritated me.

    Having noted their recent re-appearance, I thought it time to re-appraise their back catalog with an open mind.

    This is not a group, it's an experience. On first listen, they sound like musical mayhem, a cacophony of sounds without normal musical structures. The instruments (including a saxaphone(?)) sound like they're being played across each other with each musician doing their own thing and then slowly, it dawns, there is a tune in there, hiding. These are strange songs but very lively, energetic and catchy. These guys are all one sandwich short of a picnic. One is called The Shend, another Svor Naan and an ex-member went by the name of 'chewy parf the nodor'.

    Ok so I'm a bit late with the Cravats, is it just me?

    saw them supporting Steve Ignorant & whilst i like the fact that they make a cacophony of sound, to me it was just a racket - I much prefer The Very Things!

    The Shend used to drink in my local at Crystal Palace, many years ago & has turned up in the most peculiar places on tv, often as a bouncer/hardman cos of his size!
    Got all their Small Wonder stuff. Great band.
    I'm more in the Very Things camp too although the two bands did sound very close towards the end of the Cravat's life.