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    Amongst other things Graham discusses plans with Wire and solo - including EP collaboration with Ted Milton of Blurt which sounds interesting.
    Albums in 2012 and 2013? The flood of material—RBT, Strays, the Legal Boot series, and now these—is remarkable, especially for a band that has seemingly hung it up so many times in the past.
    "Dome have been invited to perform in the USA in the Fall".
    I wonder whether the invitation has been accepted...
    Nice that his favourite Wire albums are Ideal Copy and First Letter - two of the most under-rated albums of their career, if you ask me. I'd absolutely go bananas if they'd go for some of that technology and polish on the next phase of records.
    So Graham drops multiple hints about this new project, how does the interviewer not ask him to elaborate?
    Looks like the questions were emailed to him and he filled in the answers. With that kind of interview there's no opportunity to interact and maybe even take the interview into a completely new direction.
    Dr. Up's comment was relayed to me...for the record what I actually said in answer to the question: "Do you have a favourite Wire album?" Was : "Not really... I favour different ones at different times... Recently, I like Ideal Copy and The First Letter."
    Which you must agree is rather different!
    Graham - no offence intended and apologies if I misinterpreted your answer due to my enthusiasm for those particular records. Probably wishful thinking on my part that the next album will sound something like Take Care....