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    Went to the Solingen gig yesterday. Great stuff they played, the band being in great spirits. The lot seemed to be into it as well except for one jerk repeatedly sparkling his bear towards the band during 'Moreover' - earning hefty roasting and deadly guitar noise attacks from Mr. Newman personally (don't take it too serious, Colin - Solingen's such a plain forgettable city... :-))

    Loved the setlist - just can't remember it exactly. They started with 'Ally in Exile', followed by a stormy 'Another the Letter' then, in no reliable order: 'Please Take', two or three songs from D&E (or were it new ones?), 'Drill' (delicious!), 'Kidney Bingos', 'Smash', 'Map Ref.', 'Clay', 'Moreover', 'Two People in a Room', 'Underwater Experience (slow version)', Encore: 'Pink Flag'. Did I leave something out?

    Thank you for the great gig! Really enjoyed it!
    Also not 100% sure about the order, but the songs were from what i remember: Ally in Exile, Another the Letter, The Spare One, B/W Silence, Please Take, Part of Our History, Smash, Drill, Clay, Map. Ref., Boiling Boy, Moreover, Witness to the Fact, Two People in a Room, Underwater Experiences (slow version), Pink Flag.
    I have no memories of Kidney Bingos, but maybe i had a blackout during those three minutes :)
    Basically the same setlist as London in November, only they skipped the three songs of the first encore.
    Were you in one of the first rows ? I was in the first row and indeed the people around me definitely seemed to be into it, with some dancing involved. Was a bit quiet in the back rows, though, i had a feeling...
    Not so sure the organizers really knew what Wire play today (or since 35 years) judging from the other bands involved. Maybe they only know Pink Flag ;-)

    ps: first time i've been to Solingen. VERY quiet town, to say the least
    Highlights for me Drill (delicious indeed), Two People in a Room and Underwater Experiences.
    The whole gig was nice, and for once i even liked Smash (one of my least favourites Wire tracks). Sound was not so great though, compared to the London Xoyo one.
    Oh dear, my memory comes back in two halfs again. In fact, they didn't play 'Kidney Bingos' but 'Boling Boy'. And the 'new ones' were indeed songs from the D&E-era as you already mentioned. Never heard a proper version of 'Part of our History' before. However, yesterday it sounded fresh and moving - definitely one of my favourites.

    Was standing quite in the middle of the venue, having a nice view towards the stage. Considering the other bands, I think most of them were regional acts as 'Ox Fanzine' draws most of its attention here in Northrine Westphalia. EA80 for example come from Moenchengladbach. They were the only band I attended besides Wire. Oh, and not to forget the poor sod called 'Papst Pest' who, while acting as a class clown, made himself eating a seven inch for supper and afterwards putting some graffities into his asshole... What a delightful welcoming committee ;-).

    So, besides that you're right - Solingen's a dorm. Unless Wire play there once in a while, this city will never see me again...
    "Unless Wire play there once in a while, this city will never see me again" are exactly the same words i said while jumping on the train..
    Omg, i had forgotten about the crazy naked guy eating glass !
    For those with Dimeadozen accounts, the gig's available: