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    The difference between the recording on Turns & Strokes and what was released in the series is basically the difference between a D- and an F. As someone who is extremely interested in this period of Wire, I found the recordings to be unlistenable so I'm not really sure who they were intended to satisfy. You can go and read the description now which says "we have never been able to track down the original but this is way better than anything out there." That statement always struck me as being extremely disingenuous.

    I'm really hoping this project involves re-recordings. A recording of the complete Electric Ballroom show wouldn't be much of a curiosity because all of that material has already been released and because the master tape exists in mono there wouldn't be much in the way of improving that sound.
    well, they were in studio for a while a few months ago, it was written somewhere (don't remember where exactly). so they have certainly recorded something new, whatever it is.
    "Wire don't exactly have the best track record when it comes to sticking with their own deadlines (see: The Legal Bootleg Series) so I'm not surprised. The new tour dates are imminent so hopefully before then maybe?"

    I imagine after that point, to be honest. Colin's currently prepping for touring not only with Wire but also Malka, and so I suspect any Wire announcement will be deeper into winter.
    Two upcoming Wire/Wire related tours? Deep joy!
    Well, mini-tours. Wire's off to Japan for a bit and then doing ATP. Malka's doing two gigs in Israel and one in France. Details are on this site and accordingly.
    I wonder what the setlist was for the 3 Japanese dates....maybe some clues therein?

    A bit of googling reveals nowt, but did find a couple of interviews for Tokyo TimeOut from last year which I don't think have been posted here before:

    One with Colin..

    ..and one with Graham
    Thanks very much for linking those transcripts. I gotta say, reading interviews with Wire members immediately recharges my interest and sends me on a binge.
    Did anyone go to the ATP event over the weekend? What was in the set?
    There's a few comments here regarding Wire at ATP (although you have to trawl through) -
    Good grief. Looks like some of those people were annoyed that Wire didn't play 12XU and Three Girl Rhumba over and over.
    Someone on another forum posted this...

    "Well, I saw the first twenty minutes of them, and tho they were playing a great selection, I went off and saw Melt Banana. Who were just fucking phenomenal, the highlight of the weekend (narrowly ahead of The Cravats and The Ex).

    Of course, the people I left behind at Wire said they really turned it on the track after I left and blew the place away, and their next album will be truly incendiary."
    Seeing lots of reports of droney material from the Wire set. Wonder what that's about.

    One thing that consistently amazes me about ATP is that no one ever really seems to bother with jotting down setlists.
    Looks like there are six songs on youtube - Witness To The Fact/Moreover/Lorries/The Spare One/Pink Flag/Drill
    I'm shocked that nobody on here went?
    I was at the wrong end of the country