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    walked into W H Smith at the age of 14 : looking for music that made a difference: 1978 . Saw the chairs missing lp . Heard some Wire stuff on radio Luxenbourg: principally Culture Vultures . Noted the approach and made a purchase that was invaluble ; simply on album art work alone, initially as a motivating influence ;but a deep affinity was burgeoning . Subsequently heard something that indeed was different . Purchsed Pink Flag a year later . Invaluable . Could'nt get to any gigs bar Town and country Club ; Finsbury park ; Forum ; most recently Cardiff (2011).Contemporary stuff proved of little worth . Always waited for Wire . Saw Grahamn lewis at the Cardiff venue in a strange but fulsome hat . Unfortuntely too self conscious to shake him by the hand .

    Any succccinct nutshell summaries welcomed .... Dave
    In Sanctuary Records Shop Bought Roxy Various LP (Spring 1977) - Bought Pink Flag LP (Nov 1977) How Many Tracks! - Outdoor Miner 7" - Chairs Missing LP - Nottingham Tiffanys 1979 Live - Trading Cassettes - 154 - Peels - D&E - Cupol - Dome - Newman LP's - PO - Ear Trumpet - Wire 85 Bloomsbury - Other Live 1987/90 - He Said - Gilbert - Shed - Nearly All LP releases to 2011 & Misc - Live Perth & Sheffield 2011 - 2012....
    Early encounters on cassette. 154: seductive combination of mystery and melody, obscurity and abstraction. Others acquired: the feeling grew. Hiatus! 1980s - 'Snakes' / 'Copy' continues. Live encounter, at last (T&C Club). Invaluable juxtapostion of melody / tune and noise / texture. I actually liked Manscape. Solo projects: variations on themes hinted at within the main body = even more satisfaction. 1990s - acquiring all and sundry via WMO - what a good service that was! Then BANG they're back at RFH. Very patient wife, very happy husband. 'Trash / Treasure' is perfect. Live at Exeter, seeing strange but fulsome hat, I couldn't resist a shoulder pat by way of saying 'thanks'...
    1980 - out of Marines...need something new. Public radio Detroit..."Got you in a corner." Wha? Worked in local version of "High Fidelity" found an Ideal cassette Copy. COMPACT DISC!! CD HAR 1, 2 and 3. The Ideal Copy with extra tracks?!?! Mute/Enigma. October 9, 1988 so excited, first row in Ann Arbor MI ((CANCELLED))!!!!! buzz, buzz, buzz 3" Manscape Cardboard Sleeve, The Grey Area - D&E Box, WMO - Ambitious (Middlesex Gorge), Japan Toshiba remasters w/bonus tracks, Finally...Chicago May 2000!, PF Remaster Box (3rd time for these three), PF1 through PF19, 2011 Chicago and Toronto a week apart!
    Lonely in Copenhagen : 1987 Nov 08 : "Wire, aren't they legendary?" : Barbue club - Graham with blonde on each arm : hold breath during next song ... "Drill" : totally sold on this noise : Mute CDs : "Heathers" : "Drill", "The Drill", DRILL! : a watch around the neck : 'Everybody loves a history' - "Oh, I see ..." : "You hung your lights ..." - poets at work : inspiration and lessons learned from four artists in a room - take no prisoners, leave no clues : back catalogue obsession : "I Saw You" : CRAMMED diversion : ~Swim mailing list : Tower Records shed : "I just want" remix : "It's all in the brochure" : hibernation in exile : now ... "I don't understand" riff : next ... more versions?
    1989-ish? Still steeped in 4AD and their ilk, and there is an alarming Wax Trax! love affair developing. Drugstore cassette bargain bin reveals three albums that have been recommended to me, and at 3 for $10 I can't refuse: Bell/Cup, Creatures' Boomerang, and Pixies' Surfer Rosa. Bell/Cup instantly becomes my darkroom soundtrack, my driving soundtrack, my everyday soundtrack... pick up The A List to see which albums I should turn to next and quickly decide "all of them". By the time I move from the sticks to Boston for school (1992) I realize Wire is past tense and there is no chance of seeing them play. Console myself thumbing through the Trouser Press Guide to Records and reading about all the various albums and side projects - and spend the next 25 years accumulating them all. Wire resurfaces with the new millennium and I take every chance to see them play in case they vanish again. And here we are.