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    You can poop all you want, but CD sales are plummeting and that's a trend that's not going to stop. And I liked CDs at the time, but now the first thing I do is rip them to the Mac, and then they end up on a shelf, gathering dust.
    It's all about personal choice in the end and how we each listen (or hear in some cases) to music.
    I know CD sales are declining and there is an electronic revolution in all media as we speak. Newspapers will eventually be a thing of the past, and books too one day. By then I'll have popped (not pooped) me clogs.
    When CD's first came out I regretted that sleeve art was reduced in size..that was part of the experience. But now as long as the booklets are well presented and the CD's diligently mastered I'm a happy listener. (The T.Rex Electric Warrior box set is a perfect example)