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    You can poop all you want, but CD sales are plummeting and that's a trend that's not going to stop. And I liked CDs at the time, but now the first thing I do is rip them to the Mac, and then they end up on a shelf, gathering dust.
    It's all about personal choice in the end and how we each listen (or hear in some cases) to music.
    I know CD sales are declining and there is an electronic revolution in all media as we speak. Newspapers will eventually be a thing of the past, and books too one day. By then I'll have popped (not pooped) me clogs.
    When CD's first came out I regretted that sleeve art was reduced in size..that was part of the experience. But now as long as the booklets are well presented and the CD's diligently mastered I'm a happy listener. (The T.Rex Electric Warrior box set is a perfect example)
    It's still not confirmed which gig these tracks came from. It has been suggested Sheffield - it certainly isn't Hibernian. No one seems to know the source of the gig or indeed if the full gig recording still exists - as it is superior to the Hibernian tape. The version of "Underwater Experiences" on here remains my favourite version of the song.
    I was told Sheffield when book was published
    I should of recorded Sheffield, apologies. There seemed a lot of band attitude at this gig which made it all the better!
    As an aside, on the same tour, when they took the stage at Manchester and were quite clearly about to perform as a trio, somebody called over to Colin "Where's Robert?" "Walking the dog" was Colin's slightly curt reply.
    Either it happened twice or you may have got your gigs mixed up. I was at the Hibernian Club gig in Fulham - the one on the Legal Bootleg Series 2 - I distinctly remember the fake palm trees in the place (sheesh) - at the sight of Colin, Graham, Bruce and a guy mixing on stage (Paul Kendall??) - there were several calls of "Where's Robert?". A clearly exasperated Graham replied - "Walking The Dog". This can be heard on the recording.
    Definitely happened in Manchester. I wasn't at the Hibernian Club and I've not heard the recording. It was Colin's line at Manchester, not into the mic but just in the direction of the interlocutor down near the front, close to where I was. Also, no PK mixing on stage at Manchester, as best I recall.
    So it did happen at least twice on tour - hence Graham's exasperation when he said it at the Hibernian - and yes Graham said it on mike.